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Top Wildlife Experiences Around the World

Some of the most captivating travel experiences happen in the heart of nature. To step into the wild for many is to unveil a world of wonder, inspire awe, and remind travelers not just why they came there, but why they are alive. Below are some of the greatest wildlife experiences from all over the world, to experience this awe with others.

Asilia Africa, Africa

With Asilia Africa, discover the heart of Africa's wildlife preservation at Ol Pejeta Bush Camp, situated in central Kenya's Ol Pejeta Conservancy. With the iconic Mount Kenya as its backdrop, this camp offers an authentic safari experience focused on conservation and immersion. Witness the last two remaining northern white rhinos, protected by vigilant rangers, and contribute to their safeguarding through hands-on activities like canine training and lion tracking. The camp's seven spacious tents along the Ewaso Nyiro River provide a comfortable retreat, complemented by a relaxed atmosphere and warm hospitality. Families can engage in the Junior Ranger Program while relishing the natural beauty that surrounds them. Ol Pejeta Bush Camp invites you to an unfiltered encounter with Africa's wildlife and the essential efforts to protect it.

Go2Africa, East and South Africa

On Go2Africa’s 6-day Trip with a Purpose in Rwanda, guests contribute to the conservation of mountain gorillas while immersing themselves in the country's rich culture. The experience is in support of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, whose new campus opened in 2022. Guests' journeys include a behind-the-scenes tour of the fund's cutting-edge facilities and an exclusive gorilla trek guided by a Fossey Fund researcher, offering you unmatched insights into these magnificent creatures and their habitats. The opportunity for guests to engage in and understand Gorilla conservation is further aided by private one-on-one conversations during a gorilla master class with Fossey Fund experts. The Silverback Sundowner experience allows guests to tour the Gorilla exhibit, followed up with a cocktail hour including gorilla experts at the Virunga Overlook. All together, this experience through Go2Africa is perfect for the wildlife enthusiast who wants a fully immersive gorilla experience.

Volcanoes Safaris, Rwanda

In the heart of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Volcanoes Safaris offers an exclusive experience that counts itself among the world's most extraordinary wildlife encounters. At Kyambura Gorge, guests discover the incredible world of chimpanzees in their natural habitat, tracking the agile primates as they swing through the treetops high above the forest floor. A 2-3 hour guided walk takes guests down into the steep gorge, through the natural bridges over the river, and follows the chimps' playful antics through all the surrounding areas' greatest environments. The intimate experience of tracking a small chimp family allows guests the opportunity to truly connect, as well as providing an opportunity to contribute to rewinding the chimps' habitat through tree planting.

Cheetah Plains, Sabi Sand Nature Reserve

At Cheetah Plains guests enter a realm of exquisite luxury in the heart of Sabi Sand Nature Reserve. Opulent villas blended into the landscape are attended by a dedicated team including hosts, butlers, and culinary maestros, all assisting guests on their personalized journey. Cheetah Plains is set apart from the competition by their commitment to sustainable exploration: with carbon negative emissions and game drives led by electric vehicles. This coupled with the expert game leaders allows the beauty of safari viewing to unfold against the iconic Sabi Sand Nature Reserve, where Big 5 sightings are anything but rare. Encounter their resident lions, enigmatic leopards, and the regal cheetahs. Due to the villa's world class location on an active watering hole, there are plentiful opportunities for animal viewing.. Experiencing a guided bush walk grants an even deeper connection for guests to immerse themselves in nature.

Tutka Bay Lodge, Alaska

Seize the unique opportunity for bear viewing at Tutka Bay Lodge—an adventure that begins with a scenic Cessna-206 flight to a remote coastal location, where coastal brown bears graze along the shoreline and in sedge grass fields. The approximately one-hour flight showcases Alaska's dramatic landscapes, from active volcanoes to vast glaciers, with potential whale sightings below. Once arrived, a three-hour guided walk along the coastline provides an immersive bear-watching experience, allowing you to witness the majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Tutka Bay Lodge's bear viewing offers an active and mesmerizing encounter with the untamed beauty of Alaska's wilderness.

Gangtey Lodge, Bhutan

Gangtey Lodge, Bhutan offers a fully immersive experience in the rich culture and environment of Bhutan. Viewing the endangered Black Necked Cranes who stay in Bhutan from late October to mid-March each year is a unique wildlife experience. The only alpine crane species in the world, the black-necked crane is considered a sacred bird in Bhutan, revered as a symbol of longevity. With a bright red crown, black neck, and up to eight-foot wingspan, the birds are both distinctive and majestic. They are the subject of Bhutanese folktales and songs, and are painted on the walls of temples throughout the country. Guests staying at the lodge can enjoy numerous experiences centered around wellbeing, such as taking walks and riding bikes through the forest to remote villages, soaking in the lodge’s traditional Bhutanese hot stone bath, dining outdoors with views of the valley and distant Himalayan peaks, joining the monks for prayer and meditation at the Gangtey Goenpa (monastery) and more.

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