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We are REYA Communications, a boutique Public Relations agency serving the luxury

travel industry. Founded by Travel PR veterans Alexandra Avila and Julie Leventhal, REYA combines our passions for working with independent and family-owned hotels and operators. Our drive comes from knowing that more than ever hospitality and travel brands need a strong communications and recovery strategy in a loud media landscape. We position ourselves to work with travel brands providing the best in service to their guests, but also their communities and environments. We believe the power of public relations can generate quality media awareness, but also recognition and support for the social impact travel brands are making locally.


Alexandra Avila

Launching REYA is the culmination of Alexandra’s diverse marketing career working for some of the most prestigious lifestyle, hospitality and travel brands across the globe.

For the last 10 years she’s been positioned as the client, the agency and the publication, giving her a unique perspective to approaching a brand’s communications strategy. With a strong background in the new integrated world of public relations and digital marketing, her proven success has been the implementation of creative marketing solutions to support brands within the travel, fashion and publishing industries.

Prior to REYA, Alexandra was President of JG Black Book, where she led the luxury travel consulting firm’s international offices in New York City, London, São Paulo and Buenos Aires. Managing a portfolio of over 40 clients which included some of the world’s leading properties, tour operators, and tourism boards, she uniquely bridged their sales, marketing, and public relations across international markets. She delivered ROI and added value in an increasingly competitive market where brands need a unified and bilingual voice.


Julie Leventhal

Julie Leventhal is a Media Relations specialist with a strong foundation developed at Berns Communications Group, Spa Week Media Group and JG Black Book PR. She has spearheaded the media launches for multiple luxury brands across the travel and wellness space, such as the Sheldon Chalet in Alaska, Kachi Lodge in Bolivia, and Naia Resort and Spa in Belize. Julie completed her MBA studying at The European Business School in London and the American University in Paris. 

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