Storytelling in the modern age has evolved from a one dimensional media relations approach to a multi-layered communications strategy. At REYA we start with you, your brand and identifying the many stories that live below the surface. We craft it into attractive content the consumer seeks and produce it for the right media platform that can extend to your own media channels.


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Hotel & Brand Launches - Property Reopening - COVID-19 Recovery Plans 

Crisis Communications - Press Tours - Media Missions - Media Training

Award Strategy - Events - Corporate Messaging - Social Media Strategy

Content Development - Influencer Partnerships - Brand Audit

Trade Strategy - Media Monitoring

Brand Strategy

Whether it is your grand opening or your grand re-opening and you have been in business for 10+ years, we start at the beginning. Our team designs a clear identity that resonates with your target audience.  We take a multi-faceted approach to define, develop and manage your brand, exploring your brand positioning, voice and tone, mission and values. The outcome is a brand communications strategy that can be adopted to further develop your visual brand identity and be applied to full market execution. 


Content Mapping

Content Mapping allows us to plan and identify the top stories and deliver them to your target audience at the most opportune times on the right platform. Mapping out the potential reach of the story, allows for the most effective way to amplify its message through all of your marketing channels for the consumer and media to discover you. Utilizing a blend of targeted pitches and press releases, social media and email marketing, a story can be told in various ways to multiple audiences to deliver a stronger impact. 


Media Relations

Media relations have incredible value, often a value that appreciates over time.


Our relations go beyond the travel category, crossing boundaries into the fashion, culinary, wellness and bridal media sectors as well as connecting with influencers and media in both traditional print, podcast, broadcast and online outlets.


Due to Covid 19, brands will need to stand out from the pack and be understanding of peoples’ expectations and safety when they travel. Sharing this messaging can be extremely important as you regain consumer confidence. As the media marketplace continues to change, we keep a pulse on the latest insights that can lead to new editorial opportunities.

News Bureau

At REYA Communications we act as your dedicated press office, the central artery for all inbound and outbound communications. We act as your resource and guide to the international markets, sharing relevant industry research and luxury travel trends. 



In today’s competitive marketplace, using the power of brand partnerships to tap into new distribution channels is not only smart, but essential. For brands in their infancy, aligning your product with a developed brand with its own distribution strength can provide a way to grow your business and acquire new customers in different market segments.


With a network of publicists and brand contacts in the luxury market, we discover and negotiate unique opportunities to create a compelling partnership that raises your profile and brand awareness. From retail partnerships, exclusive promotions, and brand collaborations, each is a creative and non-traditional way to generate media awareness.


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Whether you're reopening or launching, let us join you in opening your doors with a public relations strategy to drive business through it. 

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