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Go2Africa Announces B Corp Certification and a Continued Commitment to Building a Better World Through Travel

Cape Town, South Africa (August 17, 2023): Go2Africa is pleased to announce that they are now B Corp Certified. This certification further exemplifies their unwavering dedication to sustainability, transparency, and ethical business practices. It also holds the company accountable to high standards of community upliftment, environmental sustainability, and the protection of wildlife. By planning a trip with Go2Africa, travelers are choosing a company that uses its influence and resources to drive positive impact in the world, and they become part of a movement that actively promotes responsible travel.

Maija de Rijk-Uys, Managing Director of Go2Africa shares, “Go2Africa is committed to building a better world. We are proud to be B Corp certified, authentically living our commitment to using business as a powerful force for positive impact. In a continued effort to show our commitment to protecting wildlife, uplifting communities, and caring for the planet, Go2Africa has created Trips with a Purpose in 2023 for our clients who are equally as eager to travel and give back to the communities they are visiting.”

As a member of B Corp, Go2Africa forms part of a global community of businesses working towards a common goal, creating a more inclusive and sustainable economy for all. They are driven by a shared mission to redefine the way they travel, ensuring that every journey creates a lasting and meaningful impact. The commitment goes beyond profit, and they strive to balance purpose and profit. B Corp, or Benefit Corporation, is a type of business certification that goes beyond traditional measures of success to prioritize positive impact. B Corps pledges to create positive change in the world, working towards a vision of a future where businesses are a force for good, and where profits are not at the expense of the development of people, the conservation of wildlife, and the protection of the planet. The B Corp certification is a symbol of a company's dedication to building a better world.

Go2Africa & B Corp 

Achieving B Corp certification means that Go2Africa has met the rigorous standards set by the global B-Corp community, verifying their commitment to ethical business practices including transparency, and accountability across five key impact areas:


  • Governance - a company's overall mission and how it is incorporated into the company's legal structure and decision-making processes.

  • Workers - policies and practices related to its employees' well-being, including fair compensation, benefits, and opportunities for advancement.

  • Community - impact on the community, including engagement with local suppliers, charitable giving, and support for social causes.

  • Environment - environmental practices, including energy efficiency, waste reduction, and sustainable sourcing.

  • Customers - commitment to ethical marketing, transparency, and customer satisfaction.

Go2Africa believes in empowering local communities, preserving natural environments, and supporting cultural diversity. Their carefully curated itineraries - Positive Impact Safaris and Trips with a Purpose - prioritize sustainability, promote eco-friendly practices, minimize their carbon footprint, and aid in the conservation of wildlife and development of communities

  • As part of Go2Africa’s ongoing efforts to support reputable wildlife conservation initiatives throughout Africa, they have partnered with EWT (Endangered Wildlife Trust), a pioneer on the front lines of protecting wildlife. Go2Africa is committed to assisting the cause by educating travelers about on-the-ground initiatives taking place. The ultimate goal of Go2Africa’s partnership with the EWT is to create awareness around their important wildlife conservation work, as well as to develop a sustainable stream of income to help fund their efforts.

  • When selecting Positive Impact initiatives to support, Greenpop emerged as a top candidate for Go2Africa’s Conservation Committee. Their vision and efforts go well beyond just putting trees into the ground, and the emphasis is on making trees count rather than simply counting trees. In addition to the reforestation work being done as part of their Forests for Life program, their work to protect and restore ecosystems also covers food gardening, environmental awareness, and urban greening which houses the Fynbos for the Future project. This project is aimed at reconnecting the youth in traditionally marginalized communities with the environment and their natural heritage. 

  • Part of Go2Africa's Positive Impact initiative with the African Bush Camps Foundation is to create a thriving learning environment at Maunga Primary School in Zambia. They are running a feeding program at the school to provide daily meals for learners. In addition, a new school kitchen will be built, and a vegetable garden will be developed to aid with sustainably supplying the school. The African Bush Camps Foundation is running a feeding program drive to cater 20,000 meals to learners at all their schools in 2023.

Take part in this incredible journey and experience the magic of Africa with Go2Africa. Guests can immerse themselves in awe-inspiring landscapes, encounter extraordinary wildlife, and connect with diverse cultures - all while knowing that their travel choices are making a tangible difference. Plan a safari with Go2Africa now. More information on BCorp and Go2Africa.

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About Go2Africa: 

Go2Africa is a multi-award-winning and B Corp certified tour operator based out of Cape Town that curates exceptional and personalized African holidays, specializing in safaris. Celebrating over 25 years, the team has been committed to building first-hand knowledge of every destination, lodge, and activity they recommend from their 3000+ partners. Working across 15 countries in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, 100% of its revenues stay in Africa, supporting local communities and conservation projects through its Positive Impact Initiatives. With an entire team of African-born and raised specialists, including eleven named as Conde Nast Traveler’s Top Travel Safari Specialists in 2023, travelers are in expert hands. Go2Africa is part of the Nawiri Group, a corporate portfolio of responsible and pioneering travel brands in the safari industry.

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