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As Consumers Fear a Looming Recession, Go2Africa Shares Tips and Itineraries for More Budget-Friendly African Safaris

Cape Town, South Africa (October 11, 2022): As consumers spent this last summer feeling the effects of inflation hit their pocketbooks and skepticism of a recession in 2023 looms, travelers are looking to be smarter when it comes to where and how they spend. While taking an African safari might seem like an expensive endeavor, Go2Africa has developed an affordable African safari guide that proves otherwise. Leveraging its network of 3,000+ suppliers across the continent and 20 years of experience, Go2Africa aims to help travelers with a small budget but a big desire to visit the beautiful continent.

These safari tours and packages have been designed with the aim of delivering genuine, value-for-money safari experiences in the continent’s most iconic destinations. Go2Africa has prepared itineraries for Kenya and Tanzania that feature attractions like Masai Mara, Serengeti, and Ngorongoro Crater. The tour operator has also put together safari packages for Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa. These trips will guarantee travelers value for their money and include classic big game destinations such as Botswana's Okavango Delta and South Africa's Kruger National Park, plus must-visit Cape Town and Victoria Falls.

In addition to curating affordable safari packages, Go2Africa has also offered tips to travelers on how to book an affordable safari. Here are six tips from the award-winning tour operator:


1. Stay Longer in One Place

Internal flights in Africa can get expensive, so to minimize expenses, Go2Africa recommends choosing just one park or game reserve in which to spend an entire vacation. Travelers should decide based on what they want to see and do on a safari tour. Travelers wishing to see the Big 5 can visit the Kruger or Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. Or, if travelers want to see the Great Wildebeest Migration, head for the Masai Mara between about July and November or the Serengeti around December to July.


2. Choose the Right Destination

When booking an affordable African safari, it’s important to choose a destination that aligns with the set budget. For example, although East Africa is well-known for safaris, a trip to countries such as Kenya and Tanzania can be expensive due to high national park fees and vast distances between destinations. Botswana and Zambia can typically make out to be a more affordable safari destination compared to Kenya and Tanzania. Still, some destinations, such as the Okavango Delta, are remote and can only be accessed via charter plane, which increases trip expenses. The most affordable African safari destinations are those that are accessible, offer plenty of choice when it comes to picking a game reserve, and charge fees in local currencies as opposed to the US dollar. With favorable exchange rates and infrastructure for self-drive vacations and trips, South Africa and Namibia are best suited for an affordable safari trip. Additionally, travelers looking for cheaper safari tours can also consider Zimbabwe, which boasts low accommodation, food, and transport costs.


3. Use a Local Safari Operator

Booking with a reputable safari company based in Africa will not only offer better rates but also guarantee travel agents who can offer a thoughtfully curated list of specific suppliers. Bonus: travelers will have access to support 24/7 on the ground instead of a call center operating in another time zone!

4. Consider a Self-Drive Holiday

Renting vehicles to travel between destinations helps travelers avoid expensive air travel and save money on their trips. The process of renting a vehicle in countries like South Africa and Namibia is straightforward, and the countries offer excellent infrastructure, good road networks, and safari parks to visit.


5. Compromise on Luxury

Choose to stay at a tented camp rather than a luxury safari lodge. This is not only an authentic and affordable safari option, but it also offers a more romantic experience of sleeping under canvas in the African bush. Most tented safari camps have amenities like flush toilets, warm showers, comfortable beds, and even swimming pools, guaranteeing travelers a comfortable stay.


6. Travel During Low/ Green Season

Safari’s low season is typically from November to April, depending on the destination, coinciding with Africa’s rainy season. Around this time, prices for safari tours and accommodations are low. During this season, the rains transform the African bush into lush, emerald landscapes, and prey animals come to give birth and graze while predators follow suit to hunt. 

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