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A boutique communications agency
for luxury travel brands.
Navigating the media world with a commitment to conservation and sustainability. 

exploration | storytelling | service


It's a new world we operate in. Travelers are facing unique challenges and living with a renewed sense of purpose.

It's clearer now how inter-connected we all are, and why sustainable travel is here to stay. At REYA Communications we prefer the new world we found, than the one we left behind. 


As travel supports communities, conservation work and sustainable projects, our number one priority is the recovery of hospitality and tourism. 

We know that a successful communications strategy will in turn deliver sales that can be reinvested in local projects to safeguard the people, wildlife and landscapes that make it so unique. 

Our passion is exploration, storytelling and service. Let us work with you as you reopen to the world. 

Image by Oliver Sjöström

Join Us!

Our existence and purpose is fueled by the passion surrounding us.

With visionary clients and a network of storytellers, we all do our best work together.

We elevate each other and humanity for a greater good.

What It Takes

From brand strategy to content mapping, media relations to media hosting, partnerships to influencer marketing,

 we deliver where it counts.



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Launching a new property? 

sheldon chalet


When the Sheldon Chalet launched in 2018 in remote Denali, Alaska a robust media strategy would help this newcomer get recognized by key media outlets and 

drive 80% of sales.


Work With The Brightest!

Our Co-founder, Alexandra Avila was honored in 2020 as a

'Top Woman in PR' by PR News,

a respected organization for communication and marketing professionals.

This prestigious recognition acknowledges the women who have made bold

advances in crisis management, brand reputation, content creation, social media

marketing and more in the last year.

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