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New Adventures at Tutka Bay Lodge in Alaska for 2024 

Notable Lodge Renovation led by Architect Bill Bensley 

Homer, Alaska (November 23, 2023): Within the Wild Adventure Company, a transformative, award winning, family-owned adventure company in Alaska is pleased to announce a series of new adventures, culinary activities and wellness offerings at Tutka Bay Lodge along with a renovation led by notable architect Bill Bensley. The Dixon Family will continue to support their ‘Be the Wild’ Stewardship Project, a non-profit initiative dedicated to preserving and safeguarding the natural world within Southcentral Alaska and beyond.

With the expertise of renowned architect Bill Bensley, exciting renovations are taking place at Tutka Bay Lodge. For the summer of 2024 guests will have a new kitchen and dining room area with wall to wall windows overlooking the gardens and a new spacious deck with fire pits, heaters, and panoramic views of Tutka Bay. Mother and daughter, chefs and lodge owners, Kirsten and Mandy Dixon will be launching a monthly farm tour at their new peony and vegetable farm Danish Daughters in the hillsides of the charming village of Homer, Alaska. This will include culinary classes and foraging, exploring the farm and an education on how to properly prepare the local delicacies that will be available exclusively for lodge guests. Tutka Bay Lodge will also be opening a gift shop with Alaskan delicacies and homemade jams and peony based items that are created from their new farm.


Allowing guests to connect with nature in new, educational, and immersive ways, Tutka Bay Lodge has created a plethora of new outdoor adventures. With the acquisition of a beautiful new piece of land on Hesketh Island, boasting a serene cove adorned with perfectly round pebbles lining the beach, guests can now enjoy Ocean Snorkeling. From this vantage point, active volcanoes rise majestically from the open ocean. The cove has a vibrant bullwhip kelp bed teeming with fish, shellfish, seals, and sea otters. Don a dry suit and flippers and immerse yourself in the refreshing and pristine waters of Kachemak Bay and explore enchanting kelp beds up close and personal. Drift along with the rhythmic tides, surrounded by the wonders of nature. Enjoy a picnic-style lunch on the beach or the chef can prepare a hot meal at a lookout point with a cozy fire.


Tutka Bay has acquired six new Kokopelli Packrafts so visitors can Packraft on a Glacier Lake. These top-quality rafts are lightweight yet durable, allowing guests to glide through the waters surrounded by icebergs as they paddle directly from the Grewingk Glacier hike or when exploring uncharted lakes and streams during helicopter excursions.


In addition to experiences such as deep-sea fishing, Kachemak Bay touring, and bear viewing, guests can take to the skies and Embark on a Helicopter Journey. Tours will whisk guests away deep into the mountains encircling Kachemak Bay, where untouched land stretches for miles. Visit the wild outer coast of the Gulf of Alaska and land on top of a mountain for an unforgettable view and a chance to pick wild blueberries. Enjoy a scenic flight with possible sightings of bears, mountain goats, coyotes, and even wolves. Touch down on a glacier and walk on ancient ice or chip some off for a refreshing drink or evening cocktail back at the lodge.


Adventure enthusiasts can embark on exhilarating Mountain Biking adventures. Opt for heli-biking, exploring the rugged backcountry by helicopter, or taking a short boat ride to Jakolof Bay to conquer Red Mountain. Known for its mineral-rich rocks that create striking orange and red hues, bikers can explore the upper bowls and old chromium mine before descending into the mountain valley. For a truly extraordinary experience, guests can reach Augustine Volcano, a breathtaking volcanic island boasting a unique moon-like landscape, via helicopter, boat, or plane across the Gulf of Alaska.


The 43-foot catamaran, M/V Lightning is the crown jewel of the fleet and is perfect for exploring around the bay for whales and shorebirds, on to Flat Island to watch sea lions, or to tour Tutka Bay Fjord.  Guests can opt for a day of adventure or a tranquil sunset cruise on M/V Lightning ensuring a memorable and comfortable journey. 

Occupying approximately 4.7 million acres of southern Alaska, Katmai National Park is renowned for its active volcanoes and abundant grizzly bear population. With vast stretches of untouched wilderness, Katmai offers unparalleled opportunities for backcountry skiing, hiking, and fishing. The park's main attraction for anglers is the annual Salmon Run, where hundreds of thousands of salmon migrate upstream to their spawning grounds. Late June is the prime season for Sockeye or red salmon, with as many as a million fish making their way inland to breed and lay their eggs in the gravel beds of lakes and streams before completing their life cycle. Rainbow trout and lake trout inhabit the freshwater streams, lakes, and rivers throughout the year. Rainbows typically measure 14 to 22 inches and weigh up to 5-7 lbs, with the chance of catching one exceeding 30 inches! Together with your fishing guide, you'll have the opportunity to walk and fish along the streams while enjoying a picnic lunch in one of the most breathtaking locations on Earth.

Wellness in the Wild: Connecting with the Forest, Ocean and Yourself
At Tutka Bay Lodge, activities are structured to promote mindfulness, active and open attention to the present, and the experience of being close to the natural world. The wellness team guides you through meditation, sound bathing, and yoga classes daily. Participants are encouraged to engage with the rich tapestry of sights, sounds, and textures around them. Through guided forest walks, sensory exploration, and reflection, participants learn to quiet their minds and focus on the beauty of the present moment, enhancing their capacity for self-awareness and inner peace. At the breathtaking edge of Tutka Bay, mindfulness takes on a profound new dimension, a journey towards inner tranquility and a profound connection with the environment. As your feet sink into the cool, coarse grains of sand, your senses awaken to the symphony of the sea. Breathe in the clean, wild air and exhale, surrendering any stresses of the outside world. Meditation sessions are an ancient practice that helps you navigate your thoughts and emotions, cultivating a profound inner calm. Additionally, sound bathing experiences, a unique form of meditation that utilizes harmonic frequencies to induce relaxation and healing, allows you to release tension and enter a state of deep relaxation, enhancing your overall well-being. 

Culinary Activities
Nestled in the pristine waters of Kachemak Bay, several well-known oyster farms exist that are known for their commitment to sustainable aquaculture practices and for producing some of the finest oysters anywhere. The oysters, nurtured in the nutrient-rich, glacier-fed waters of the bay, are celebrated for their distinct flavor profile - a sublime blend of briny sweetness paired with a crisp, clean finish. A visit to the oyster farm is a culinary delight and an educational experience, offering insight into conscientious marine farming. Whether an oyster connoisseur or a curious traveler, a trip to an Oyster Farm will be an engaging and enriching adventure. Take freshly harvested seafood back to a private cooking class with the lodge chef, accompanied by a glass of champagne. Discover the art of grilling oysters over live fire and enjoy them with a variety of accompaniments.

Foraging in the old-growth forest surrounding the Tutka Bay Lodge is an experience steeped in nature's bounty and tradition. Venture into the verdant woods with the chef, and be surrounded by a lush panorama of spruce, birch, and hemlock, interlaced with a carpet of wild herbs, berries, and mushrooms waiting to be discovered. Every foraging expedition becomes an adventure, connecting you to the rhythms of the land. After foraging, guests can transition from gatherers to culinary artists in the lodge's cooking class. Expert chefs guide you in transforming your gathered ingredients into a feast, illuminating the journey from forest to plate. The menu might include berry-infused desserts, salads adorned with edible flowers, or savory seafood mushroom stews, each becoming a tangible link to the Alaskan wilderness. This hands-on immersion heightens your appreciation for local ingredients and fosters a deeper connection to the land and its abundant offerings.

If your passion lies in food and cooking, then the Homer Farm and Food Culture Tour is one for you. Design your day with various activities, such as foraging wildflowers and herbs, visiting a local oyster farm, or exploring the abundant organic farms in Homer. Meet local farmers, relish vegetables freshly picked from the vine, and savor honey straight from the comb. Indulge in a meal at Mandy Dixon's own La Baleine Cafe on the Homer Spit, stop by the local bakery and farmers market, and partake in a personalized cooking class with the lodge's head chef at Danish Daughter Farm. Immerse yourself in Alaska's food culture and learn how to prepare flavor-filled meals using locally sourced ingredients.

Be The Wild

With the purpose of preserving the land for future generations, Be the Wild has acquired a long-term lease of 24 acres of pristine Sitka Spruce Forest through the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority. Our initiative annually donates nearly $50,000 to mental health projects in Alaska through the Trust. Guests staying at Tutka Bay Lodge have the opportunity to explore this remarkable land firsthand, as the Be the Wild Project is located adjacent to the lodge. Be the Wild is devoted to safeguarding the ocean, marine wildlife, and the community against the pressing environmental challenges of today. The team at Tutka Bay generously offer  time, resources, and support to other non-profit programs, scientists, and policymakers in their quest to find solutions for a sustainable and thriving ocean. Through their sponsorship of local beach clean-ups, educational initiatives for guests and staff, and their commitment to sustainable and environmentally conscious practices, Be the Wild prioritizes the health of Earth's oceans. Moreover, they have acquired several parcels of land near the Outer Coast of the Gulf of Alaska, which will be eventually donated back to the State of Alaska for the benefit of Kachemak Bay State Park and Kachemak Bay Wilderness Park.

Summer Season at Tutka Bay Lodge extends from May 1-Sept 30 with rates starting at $8,900 per person for a 3 night experience with two helicopter excursions, all meals, guided activities & related gear, yoga & cooking classes, wine pairings and other lodge amenities. The popular two-lodge adventure package between Tutka Bay Lodge and Winterlake Lodge will continue to be available for booking in the summer. Buyouts are also available starting at $126,000 for three nights/three days. For more information visit or contact

About Within The Wild:

Within the Wild is an award-winning, family-owned adventure travel company in the wilds of Alaska offering transformative adventures, cuisine, and wellness within the natural world since 1982. Carl and Kirsten Dixon and their daughters Carly and Mandy Dixon operate Tutka Bay Lodge on the south side of Kachemak Bay, a new hospitality service operation in Anchorage, the La Baleine Cafe and Danish Daughter Flower Farm, a peony and vegetable farm located in the fishing town of Homer. They are proud to support their non-profit initiative Be The Wild. A Conde Nast Traveler Readers Choice multi-award winner for 2018, 2020, and 2022, a member of Regenerative Travel and the Virtuoso Network, Tutka Bay Lodge boasts six cabins, offering comfort and luxury amidst a breathtaking coastal Alaska landscape. Drawing on the extensive culinary backgrounds of Kirsten and her daughter, Mandy, the lodge also offers a variety of culinary-focused experiences including onsite cooking classes showcasing locally sourced ingredients and Alaskan-inspired dishes.


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