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Delfin Amazon Cruises Announces

New Special Interest Voyages for 2024

Wildlife Photography, National Geographic Explorers, and Pink River Dolphin Research for July and November onboard Delfin III

Iquitos, Peru (April 22, 2024): Delfin Amazon Cruises (Delfin), the first Relais & Châteaux Cruise in the world and upscale river cruise operator in the Upper Peruvian Amazon is pleased to announce three special departures to set sail in 2024 onboard its Delfin III. Furthering their commitment to the conservation and preservation of the Amazon Rainforest, Delfin has invited four renowned experts in the fields of rainforest biodiversity and wildlife species, tropical ecology, and climate change to lead these voyages. Passengers will gain enlightening insights as they cruise the Amazon River with two National Geographic Explorers, Carmen Chavez and Dr. Kenneth Feeley, award-winning wildlife photographer Walter Wust, and pink river dolphin and conservation specialist Dr. Joanna Alfaro. 

July 09, 2024 | 4-Nights

The Enchanting Amazon, a Wildlife Photography Adventure with Photographer Walter Wust


July 27, 2024 | 3-Nights 

Explore the Amazon’s Biodiversity, Wildlife, and Tropical Ecology with National Geographic Explorers Carmen Chavez and Dr. Kenneth Feeley


November 19, 2024 |4-Nights

 Pink River Dolphin Research Voyage with Dr. Joanna Alfaro

"In launching these three special departures with renowned experts who share our

passion for protecting this vital ecosystem, our aim at Delfin Amazon Cruises is

to not only provide our guests with unforgettable experiences but to inspire a

greater appreciation for its beauty and significance,"

shares Aldo Macchiavello, CEO of Delfin Amazon Cruises


The Delfin III offers 22 suites with the highest comfort levels for up to 44 passengers, making it the largest cruise in its fleet. While on board, guests can enjoy several amenities from the top observation deck, including spacious indoor and outdoor lounge areas, a sundeck with a plunge pool, a spa and gym, and a bar. Located on the upper deck, guests will experience five-star, farm-to-table dining services from Delfin’s local garden, blending Peruvian history with contemporary dishes. In addition to the unique programming of these special departures, guests will experience Delfin’s daily excursions to explore deeper into the Amazon rainforest, led by their talented and experienced team of naturalists and interpretive Amazon River guides. By land, guests can join trail walks and community visits or explore the river’s small creeks, tributaries, and lagoons by skiff, kayak, or paddleboard.

July 9, 2024 | Exploring the Enchanting Amazon: A Wildlife Photography Adventure with Walter Wust


This 5-day, 4-night departure embarks on a journey of discovery, inspiration, and conservation through the Amazon rainforest, led by its esteemed host, Walter Wust. From its geological origins to its astonishing biodiversity, passengers will be immersed in the wonders of the Amazon’s remarkable ecosystem, uncovering its secrets and capturing its beauty through the camera lens. One will capture the majesty of the Amazon and appreciate the importance of preserving its fragile ecosystem. For this special departure, Walter Wust will host passengers as they navigate the flooded forests of the Amazon, walking and sailing with their senses on high alert, ready to discover the magic of its sounds, scents, and shapes. From the towering trees to the serene lakes, every moment will be an opportunity to marvel at nature's intricacies. Traversing these lush landscapes adorned with giant trees and charming lakes, passengers will encounter a myriad of creatures, from tiny flowers and insects to magnificent birds. They’ll witness the breathtaking splendor of its sunsets, painting the sky with hues of orange and pink, creating a backdrop worthy of admiration and awe.


Walter Wust's journey into nature and photography spans over thirty years. He has led programs to assess biological diversity along the coast and in the Andes and Amazon of Peru. Trained as a forest engineer, journalist, editor, and professional photographer, his dedication to environmental conservation and exploration has earned him widespread acclaim. He is regarded as Peru's most prolific editor in ecological matters, with over 600 publications, including books, guides, and encyclopedias. Drawing upon his vast experience as a nature and wildlife photographer, Walter Wust will share invaluable tips and basic principles of Amazon wildlife photography. Whether they’re a seasoned photographer or just starting out, there's something for everyone to learn as they capture the essence of the Amazon's biodiversity through their lens.

In addition to Delfin’s regular scheduled excursions, travelers will have the opportunity to enjoy:


Wildlife Spotting Excursions: Embark on small boat excursions along the Amazon's tributaries and oxbow lakes, where they’ll have the chance to spot an array of wildlife, including monkeys, sloths, river dolphins, and an abundance of bird species. 


Sunset Photography Sessions: Capture the mesmerizing beauty of the Amazonian sunset as it paints the sky with vibrant hues of orange and pink. With guidance from Walter Wust, learn techniques for capturing stunning sunset shots that highlight the natural splendor of the rainforest.


Birdwatching Expeditions: Join expert birdwatching guides to seek out some of the Amazon's most spectacular avian inhabitants. From colorful macaws and toucans to elusive herons and kingfishers, the Amazon is a birdwatcher's paradise, offering endless opportunities for observation and photography.


Photography Workshops: Take part in interactive photography workshops led by Walter Wust, where you'll receive tips and guidance on capturing the unique beauty of Amazonian wildlife and landscapes. Lessons in composition, lighting, and camera settings will elevate one’s photography skills to the next level.


Lectures: Hosted Q&A lectures by Walter H. Wust about wildlife photography and his experience. 

July 27, 2024 | Explore the Amazon’s Biodiversity, Wildlife, and Tropical Ecology with National Geographic Explorers Carmen Chavez and Dr. Kenneth Feeley


This exclusive departure is more than a journey through the Amazon; it’s a call to action. Two esteemed National Geographic Explorers, Carmen Chavez and Dr. Kenneth Feeley, will accompany guests on an immersive journey as they witness the wonders of the jungle and engage with renowned experts dedicated to conservation and research. Through education, engagement, and collaboration, guests will be empowered to make a tangible difference in preserving one of the world’s most vital ecosystems.


As a tropical biologist, conservationist, and National Geographic Explorer, Carmen Chavez has dedicated her career to understanding and protecting the Amazon rainforest's rich biodiversity. During the 4-day, 3-night program aboard the Delfin, guests will learn from her diverse research projects through captivating lectures and discussions, from studying insects to her latest endeavor focusing on rainforest mammals. Guests will delve into the fascinating world of camera trapping and discover the secrets of elusive species such as the jaguarundi and the short-eared dog. Moreover, Chavez will highlight the importance of studying animal species and their natural behaviors, emphasizing how this knowledge extends beyond scientific research to benefit local communities. Guests will learn how they can actively contribute to conservation efforts by becoming “Citizen Scientists,” harnessing the power of technology and data analysis to protect the Amazon from anywhere in the world.


Joining Chavez and Delfin guests on this voyage is Dr. Kenneth Feeley, a leading voice in tropical ecology and climate change. As the Smathers Professor of Tropical Ecology at the University of Miami, Feeley has dedicated his career to studying the impacts of climate change on tropical forests worldwide. During his onboard presentations, Dr. Feeley will illuminate the inevitable realities of climate change and deforestation, exploring how species migrations may offer a lifeline for tropical tree species facing extinction. Guests can engage with Dr. Feeley informally, delving into topics such as sustainable practices and individual actions to support rainforest conservation. 

November 19, 2024 | Pink River Dolphin Research Voyage with Dr. Joanna Alfaro


To raise awareness and support critical research for the endangered pink river dolphin, Delfin Amazon Cruises has announced a special four-day voyage on its Delfin III with conservation specialist Dr. Joanna Alfaro, departing November 19. The pink river dolphin, classified as an endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), faces a critical threat. These rare creatures, found only in the freshwater rivers of the Amazon near Iquitos, Peru, are known for their social nature, friendliness, and high intelligence. However, their existence is severely threatened by habitat destruction due to logging and pollution. The construction of hydroelectric dams, negative interactions with fisheries and miners, and using their meat as bait all contribute to their decline, making their conservation an urgent priority. 


During the voyage, esteemed marine biologist Dr. Joanna Alfaro will share her ongoing research, which focuses on mitigating fishermen's unintentional catch of dolphins. This unique opportunity allows guests to gain a deeper understanding of this fascinating species, learn how to spot and identify the two different types of dolphins on the Amazon, and even participate in Dr. Alfaro's research firsthand. They will accompany her as she deploys seapods to collect and record the sounds of dolphins and to record temperatures in water where dolphins are spotted. Her current work on the pink river dolphins focuses on a project in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve in Peru that involves CPODs (acoustic monitoring loggers) that, through the number and velocity of clicks, can give an idea of how dolphins use their habitat (where do they breed, where do they eat, at what times, etc.), and see if the presence of a device called ‘Pinger’ that emits sound reduce the presence of the dolphins. This is to look for alternatives and reduce the by-catch by local fishermen.


Dr. Alfaro, a distinguished researcher who earned her Ph.D. from the University of Exeter, has an impressive track record in Pink River Dolphin conservation. She has been recognized with numerous awards for her research, including the prestigious Whitley Award in 2012. Her collaborations with renowned marine conservation organizations such as WWF and Darwin Research and her leadership of the non-profit Pro Delphinus demonstrate her commitment to conserving threatened and endangered marine fauna in Peru. Her expertise and dedication make her a valuable resource for anyone with a special interest in river dolphins and Amazonian aquatic animals. 


Rates on Delfin I begin at $4,600 per person double occupancy for a 3-night cruise, and rates on Delfin III begin at $3,700 per person double occupancy for a 3-night cruise. Rates include meals, excursions, equipment, entrance fees to Pacaya Samiria Nature Reserve, and transfers to/from Iquitos on recommended flights. The high-water season is from December to May, and the low-water season is from June to October. High water season is ideal for travelers who prefer to visit otherwise isolated corners of the reserve onboard speed boats, allowing for more extensive exploration. Low water season is perfect for those who prefer to walk through the rainforest to discover the flora and fauna


About Delfin Amazon Cruises: 

Delfin Amazon Cruises was launched in early 2006 by its founder and CEO, Aldo Macchiavello. The company is the culmination of a dream shared with his wife, Lissy Urteaga – to run a boutique travel business that should showcase the natural beauty of their country, Peru. Delfin Amazon Cruises sets the highest standards for impeccable 5-star hospitality, authentic Peruvian design, and superb local cuisine. The Delfin I, II, and III effortlessly combine comfort and grace with the breathtaking wilderness setting of the Amazon. Each vessel thrives in harmony with nature and their panoramic suites and terraces offer guests a special “non-cruise” atmosphere with the opportunity to explore one of the world’s most pristine environments. Deep in the Peruvian Amazon, the boutique luxury vessels take guests on three and four-night itineraries into one of the world’s largest protected flooded forests, the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Experienced naturalist guides and experts showcase the immense biodiversity of the area with excursions and activities that include visits to local villages, kayaking, swimming near pink river dolphins, fishing, daytime hiking, and night safaris.

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Alexandra Avila

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