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Nelly O. Gedeon, Founder and CEO of Wayaj, launches IMPPACT, with a Mission to Preserve our Planet and Communities for Future Generations

New York, NY (September 27, 2022): Nelly O. Gedeon, serial entrepreneur and founder of Wayaj is pleased to introduce her newest venture IMPPACT (Imperative Metamorphosis to Preserve our Planet and Communities for Tomorrow). IMPPACT is a proprietary software comprising a one-of-a-kind Carbon Footprint Calculating Engine (CFC Engine™) and Sustainable Actions module that the public can utilize to enable positive-impact travel worldwide, making it easy to assess the CO2 generated from business or leisure travels and neutralize its impact through offsetting, while supporting Sustainable Actions (SAs) which are aligned with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A sense of accountability towards the environment and the socioeconomic well-being of local societies among the private and public sectors is fueling the demand for sustainable tourism all over the globe. The sustainable tourism market, according to recent research by Future Market Insights (FMI), is expected to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.4 percent between 2022 and 2032.

IMPPACT, also provides a powerful tool for helping verified projects gain invaluable exposure to an audience of consumers searching for ways to take action to combat climate change and make a difference in communities worldwide. When a company registers and is accepted into the IMPPACT program, the project(s) will be featured on multiple platforms, including, a dedicated online sustainable hotel booking channel where users can simultaneously book accommodations, calculate and offset the carbon footprint of their trip against verified carbon offset projects located worldwide.

The IMPPACT Tool comes in three versions:

Standard Edition: Calculates all forms of transportation

Hospitality Edition: Exclusively for accommodation providers and allows guests to calculate and offset their stay and transportation

Business Edition: For any corporation and is tailored to allow companies to calculate and offset their employee’s commute and business travel

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“Sustainable travel, whether it be for leisure or business, is here to stay and will define the travel industry in the future. We must show the world we are committed to effecting change, joining the fight to achieve 2040 goals for net-zero emissions.” shares Nelly O. Gedeon, founder of Wayaj. 

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Wayaj is a global leader in providing innovative and effective solutions to organizations and travelers in an effort to help them to reduce their impact on the environment and foster sustainable communities. Founder, Nelly O. Gedeon leads Wayaj as it delivers the resources, tools, and expertise to empower the public to make more informed choices to support sustainability. Her contributions have been recognized by the International Hospitality Institute, naming Nelly to their Global Top 30 Champions of Environmental Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism in 2021. 

Currently, 10 companies (including hotels) are successfully utilizing the IMPPACT tool. Wayaj recently launched a partnership with the St. Lucia National Conservation Fund which allows them to use the standard version of the tool on their website. The IMPPACT program provides a financing mechanism for organizations to generate much-needed revenue to support Sustainable Actions  that have a positive social and environmental impact in their destinations. The calculator makes it easy for visitors to St. Lucia to not only calculate and offset the carbon footprint of their trip but also support the local projects. The partnership also brings more awareness to these projects as they will be included on the various versions of the calculator placed across all of its platforms and where it is licensed to other organizations and companies globally.

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Craig Henry, CEO of The Saint Lucia National Conservation Fund (SLUNCF) shares, “This innovative partnership provides a unique opportunity to promote and support Saint Lucian based initiatives that aim to lower emissions and to advance sustainable development actions, particularly within our local communities - dependent on natural resources but simultaneously highly vulnerable to climate change.

Companies can submit their COP (Carbon Offsetting Projects) for consideration if they fall under these typographies and meet the additionality criteria.


  • Energy Industries - Solar power or other renewable power installations

  • Energy Efficiency- Improve the efficiency of the electricity grid

  • Energy Demand-Side Management - Efficiency updates for lighting, heating/cooling, and other types of energy-consuming utilities

  • Waste Handling and Disposal - Compost and recycling programs

  • Manufacturing Industries - Transitioning to non-carbonated materials in cement manufacturing

  • Transport - Switching to electric vehicles

  • Fugitive Emissions From Halocarbon and Sulfur Hexafluoride - Replacement of refrigeration  equipment

  • Afforestation and Reforestation - Revegetating a once vegetated area or areas never vegetated 

  • Agriculture - Improved manure and fertilizer handling


About Wayaj: 

Wayaj is a global leader in providing innovative and effective solutions to the hospitality industry to reduce its impact on the environment, and foster sustainable communities. With over 470 hotel members in 109 countries, Wayaj delivers the resources, tools, and expertise to empower the accommodations sector and travelers to make more informed choices to support sustainability. As the originators of the ground-breaking Carbon Footprint Calculating Engine (CFC Engine), and proprietary Hotel Sustainability Rating tool,, a dynamic new booking website joined their portfolio of sustainable tools in April 2022.

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Media Contact:

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