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Pelorus Partners with Alpinists Renan Ozturk and

Freddie Wilkinson to offer the Ultimate Glacier Experience in

Denali National Park at Sheldon Chalet

New Alaska documentary film The Sanctity of Space to debut in May 2022

Austin, Texas (April 05, 2022): Pelorus, the ultimate experiential travel company has partnered with legendary mountain climbers Renan Ozturk and Freddie Wilkinson to provide adventure seekers an unforgettable experience in Denali National Park. While staying at the renowned Sheldon Chalet, located just 10-miles from the summit of Denali, this unique opportunity will allow guests to traverse some of the most famous mountains in the world. Inspired by the climbing duo’s latest feature documentary, The Sanctity of Space, which debuts May 13, Pelorus has designed a 5-day adventure giving travelers a one-of-a-kind experience alongside these two legendary climbers in one of Earth’s most epic landscapes, Denali. 

Founded by two ex-British Army captains, Geordie Mackay Lewis and Jimmy Carroll, Pelorus brings their experience leading British reconnaissance units on long-range desert patrols and helicopter operations to their unique bespoke travel itineraries. They endeavor to meet clients’ wildest aspirations using their global network of contacts, which extends to today’s most accomplished mountain climbers, Renan Ozturk and Freddie Wilkinson. 

Ozturk, a celebrated and award-winning mountaineer, photographer, and filmmaker, is best known for his ascent of Meru Peak in the Himalayas with Jimmy Chin and Conrad Anker, where he was the cinematographer for the film, Meru. He’s joined by his co-director and climbing partner, Freddie Wilkinson, an alpinist, guide, and National Geographic adventure writer. From the teahouses of Khumbu Himal to obscure glaciers of the Alaska Range to storm-lashed Patagonian spires, Wilkinson is an alpinist known for his infectious energy and original lines of ascent.


The Sanctity of Space is an 82-minute feature film inspired by a black and white aerial photo of the Denali Mountain Range taken by Bradford Washburn over 80 years ago. The photo beckoned the film’s directors and stars, Ozturk and Wilkinson, to attempt the first lateral ascent across some of Denali’s most forbidding peaks, including the Moose’s Tooth. The awe-inspiring documentary follows their years-long journey to climb the Tooth traverse while honoring the man responsible for that photo. 


Bradford Washburn was an American explorer, mountaineer, photographer, and cartographer, who also established the Boston Museum of Science. As the pioneer in using aerial photography in cartography, he’s produced detailed maps of regions often neglected due to their challenging landscapes. Washburn’s contributions to mapping the Alaskan Range have become a lifesaving guide for climbers, as well as a map with clues to the very few first ascents left.

Pelorus has teamed up with Ozturk, Wilkinson, and Sheldon Chalet to give adventure seekers an incredible opportunity beginning at the Moose’s Tooth spectacular Root Canal for a one-day guided glacier exploration, including opportunities to backcountry ski and rappel into breathtaking ice caverns. Guests will also be treated to a photography masterclass with Ozturk, an award-winning photographer who has directed and shot commercial work for major international brands such as Apple, Google, DJI, and Nike. Guests will learn from the expert with provided camera equipment to photograph landscapes and capture Denali’s stunning natural performance be it the northern lights or changing weather. In addition, guests will have an exclusive screening of the film, The Sanctity of Space, courtesy of Greenwich Entertainment at Sheldon Chalet alongside the film’s directors and stars.

Sheldon Chalet, which debuted in 2018 is accessible only by helicopter, perched on a private 4.99-acre nunatak located in Denali National Park at an elevation of 5,818 feet in the Don Sheldon Amphitheater of the mighty Ruth Glacier. It is both headquarters and part inspiration for this glacier adventure, as its visionary Don Sheldon, an Alaskan legend with expertise in glacier landings played a pivotal role in supporting Washburn’s mapping of the Alaskan Range. The location of the Historic Sheldon Mountain House built by Don Sheldon was the base from which he flew Brad Washburn thousands of hours over 8 years to assist with, and complete, the mapping quest.


Today, the 5-bedroom chalet is a platform for travelers of all capabilities to have the adventure of a lifetime and offers expert guides, gear, luxury accommodations, a personal chef, and a concierge at the only lodging on the flanks of North America’s highest mountain. From glacier trekking and mountain climbing to ice crevasse exploration to aurora borealis viewing there’s no shortage of life-expanding experiences.

The Ultimate Alaskan Glacier Adventure with Pelorus includes:

  • 4-nights at Sheldon Chalet as a private buyout

  • Dedicated glacier guides, chef, and concierge

  • Guided glacier exploration with Freddie Wilkinson & Renan Ozturk 

  • Photography Masterclass with Renan Ozturk

  • Camera and drone equipment

  • Private Screening of The Sanctity of Space

  • 1-day Exploration on Moose’s Tooth Root Canal

  • All glacier gear

  • Transportation and flights from Anchorage



About Pelorus: 

Pelorus is the ultimate experiential travel company, designing tailormade travel and yachting experiences in extraordinary places across the globe.  Founders Geordie Mackay Lewis and Jimmy Carroll are ex-British army captains and bring their experience leading British reconnaissance units on long-range desert patrols and helicopter operations to their truly custom trips. The knowledge and skills they forged during these years lay the foundations upon which Pelorus is built.  They endeavor to meet clients’ wildest aspirations using their global network of contacts and an extensive level of research. In a time when genuine escape is hard to find, Pelorus is taking a new and exciting approach to the travel and yachting sectors. 

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About Sheldon Chalet: 

​​Sheldon Chalet is perched on a private 4.99-acre nunatak [glacier rock outcropping] located in Denali  National Park on the southern flanks of North America’s tallest massif at an elevation of 5,818 feet in the  Don Sheldon Amphitheater of the mighty Ruth Glacier. The incredible panoramas feature vertical grandeur including the summit of 20,310 ft Denali dominating the landscape just 10 miles away. Air transportation is the only way to reach Sheldon Chalet which sleeps up to ten guests in five bedrooms. The dream of Alaskan visionaries, Don and Roberta Sheldon, and completed by the ensuing two generations, Sheldon Chalet is a platform for the adventure of a lifetime and offers guests guides, gear, a personal chef, concierge, and life-expanding experiences at the only destination on the flanks of North America’s highest mountain. There are no roads, rails, or trails accessing the area. The closest town of Talkeetna is 55 air miles away. Robert Sheldon, his wife Marne, and sister Kate have made the Sheldon family dream become a reality. Serving delicious Alaskan fare, Sheldon Chalet provides a crown-jewel Alaskan experience with curated activities including guided glacier trekking and aurora borealis viewing. Each guest is certain to "Experience Grand" at Sheldon Chalet. 

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About Renan Ozturk: 

Renan lives to tell stories about our connection to the natural world, often set within the most challenging environments on Earth. He began his career as an expedition climber and landscape artist, spending years living in a tent beneath the big walls of U.S. National Parks and in the snowy Himalayan mountains. He received National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2013 for his combination of cutting-edge first ascents and visual storytelling. Currently, Renan works as a commercial and documentary filmmaker, an expedition climber for The North Face, and a photojournalist for Sony and National Geographic. The films he’s made over the years have had a global presence; including MERU (cinematographer/subject), which won the 2015 Audience Choice Award at Sundance, and the critically acclaimed Sherpa (cinematographer/co-director), which screened at TIFF and Telluride. 


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About Freddie Wilkinson: 

Freddie Wilkinson is a climber and writer known for his infectious energy and original sense of adventure. In 2012, Freddie received the prestigious Piolet d’Or for making the first ascent of Saser Kangri II, then the second highest unclimbed mountain in the world. Always climbing in a lightweight, low-impact style with small groups of friends, Freddie has managed many exploratory first ascents in Alaska, Nepal, India, Patagonia, and Antarctica. As a journalist, he has written on topics including Himalayan border conflicts, climate change, and mountain history, most prominently for National Geographic Magazine and the New York Times. In between adventures, Freddie lives in New Hampshire where he works as a guide.

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About The Sanctity of Space: 

Brad Washburn was the greatest aerial mountain photographer of all time. Hanging out the open door of an airplane, he flew above unmapped mountain ranges - capturing iconic images with which he could make maps, pursue scientific inquiries, discover first ascents, and inspire people. More than eighty years after Washburn first photographed Denali from the air, climbing buddies Renan Ozturk and Freddie Wilkinson look at some of Washburn’s images and have this crazy idea: rather than go up, their dream is to go sideways — across the range’s most forbidding peaks, the Moose's Tooth massif. It’s a decidedly new school way to explore the same landscape Washburn first discovered. As they pioneer the route over the course of two expeditions, enduring freezing bivvies, cut ropes, and rockfall along the way, their desire to be the first to complete the audacious line grows into an obsession. But friendships begin to fray when Renan suffers a near-fatal brain injury, forcing them to decide what’s most important. When they rendezvous in the small town of Talkeetna for yet another attempt, all bets are off. While the climbing action unfolds, Washburn’s own incredible story comes to life through stunning archival and recreations. As a young man, he turned down Amelia Earhart’s offer to join her on her around the world flight, then pulled off one of the gutsiest exploratory climbs in history - the epic first ascent of Mt. Lucania - but suffered his own fatal plane crash which left two women dead. His superhero wife Barbara ultimately redeemed him and helped him map and explore the greatest landscapes on Earth, and his relationship with Ansel Adams allowed him to transcend his day-to-day job as Director of the Boston Museum of Science to become something he would never admit to being: an artist. Filmed over a period of five years, The Sanctity Of Space brings together visual elements of the highest order – from Washburn and Adams’s stunning large-format black and white photographs to state-of-the-art helicopter cinematography to space photography – with an unforgettable story spanning generations. It’s both a white-knuckle adventure tale and a celebration of the spirit of exploration. The Sanctity of Space was produced by Kate Holland, Ryan Kampe, and Taylor Rees.

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Media Contact:

Alexandra Avila

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