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Five Unique Experiences with Pelorus that are Close to Home

Unearth Exclusive Opportunities planned with Military Precision

Austin, TX (April 05, 2022): The United States is an exhilarating playground for the senses, a powerful mosaic of cultures, and a foodie hotspot to be explored and experienced by all.  Without the hassle of a long-haul flight and with Pelorus' precision planning and expert knowledge, many once-in-a-lifetime adventures can be had over just a couple of days. Some of the most beautiful places are in our own backyard. Whether it is jetting off for a weekend in the wilderness, leaving behind the cities that never sleep, a need for an adrenaline rush and change of scenery, or a road trip through the heart of the USA, there are so many wonders yet to be explored and unique experiences so close to home. Pelorus Travel Designers leave no stone unturned in building impeccable itineraries, finding the most exclusive hotels, and building the most unique trips for private travelers. From the wild west to wine country and the New England coast, Pelorus has uncovered some of the most unique experiences in the United States unearthing exclusive opportunities, all planned with military precision. Below are five of the top experiences for those looking to dream big in 2022.

Close to Home



Best time to visit: April - September

Ideal Length: 7 days

Experience the dramatic beauty of Alaska with magnificent glaciers, mountains, and abundant thriving wildlife. Pelorus can arrange access to this unspoiled coastline and provide the opportunity to cruise through spectacular fjords to reach remote towns, inaccessible by road. With daily animal sightings and encounters, this Alaskan itinerary is the ultimate wildlife discovery adventure.

Itinerary Highlights:

  • Head to sea with local fishermen on a fully equipped deep-sea fishing vessel. Journey to top-secret spots where salmon, halibut, and rockfish all flourish.

  • Visit the Fortress of the Bear, an old pulp mill that has been transformed into a refuge for orphaned Alaskan brown bear cubs. Here visitors can spend some time with these endearing creatures as they swim, sleep and play.

  • Take to the skies for an afternoon of heli-biking. Touch down on Chichagof Island and descend the forested mountain track all the way to a secluded beach. Here, Pelorus can create a bonfire and beach dinner party where the group can unwind after an adventure-packed day.

  • Take a boat to the unexplored Glacier Bay National Park, a privilege that few have experienced. Indulge in its majestic ice cliff and mountain top views and observe the native wildlife, including seals, whales, eagles, and bears. Keep an ear out for the glacier’s famous crack and thud as the ice breaks and plummets to the sea below.

  • Board a tender with a Pelorus guide to get as close to the glacier as is safely possible. The enormous scale of this natural wonder is quite impressive.

  • Board the famous White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad, pass tumbling waterfalls and deeply etched gorges as you curve around the mountain in vintage carriages on an unforgettable 20-mile journey.

  • Fly to the Juneau Icefield by amphibious floatplane, a trip that will provide spectacular views over Mendenhall Glacier. Upon landing, a team of huskies await to race you across the snow-covered valleys. Experience Alaska’s most unique form of transport on your way to a local restaurant, only accessible by sled, for an authentic smoked salmon delicacy. 

  • Head to Adlersheim with a local dive guide to dive for king crab and scallops. This region is also home to the world’s largest sea lions who are known to be playful with divers in the water. Humpback whales are commonly found here too, and underwater, you may be able to hear their soothing song.



Best time to visit: July - September

Ideal Lenght: 7 days

From the distinguished yachting capital of Newport to the stunning and rugged regions of Maine, New England offers an abundance of diverse landscapes just waiting to be explored. Journey by road or by sea, and enjoy historic museums, astonishing wildlife, and delicious fresh seafood.


Itinerary Highlights:


  • Maine is the perfect place to begin your New England adventure. Gently paddle through the waters of North Woods to see trout jumping, beavers at work, otters swimming, black bears, and of course the majestic Maine moose.

  • Head out to sea on a traditional lobster boat with local fishermen who have worked these waters for years. Here travelers will help the fishermen haul in their traps, before later enjoying the fruits of your labor in a delicious sea-to-table meal.

  • Hike nearby trails to take in views of rocky coves, wooded paths, and glistening waters to reach a secluded beach where a wild picnic will be prepared upon arrival. 

  • Sail the course of the Castine Classic Yacht Race in Penobscot Bay, an inlet in the Gulf of Maine. Replete with coastal islands, stunning harbors, and rugged cliffs, the bay offers the best of Maine yachting. 

  • Sail some of the challenging courses of the Nantucket Race Week or the Opera House Cup held off the coast of Nantucket. These races are some of the most prestigious and exhilarating regattas in place in New England. 

  • Head to Cape Cod to explore the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, a not-for-profit organization and world leader in oceanographic research. Learn about important research conducted here and take part in a crucial project. 

  • Visit beautiful and extensive vineyards further south in The Hamptons to enjoy a wide variety of award-winning vintages. Take a walking tour through the vines before enjoying a private wine tasting paired with delicious cheeses.

  • Spend a day on one of The Hamptons’ long white sandy beaches and learn to kiteboard, windsurf, stand up paddleboard, or simply surf the waves. There is no shortage of watersports to keep the group busy.

  • Continue on to New York to end your week of fresh air and adventure or tag on a city break in one of the world’s most vibrant cities known for Broadway performances, world-class restaurants, and exclusive shopping.



Best time to visit: April - September

Ideal Length: 8 days

Experience an unforgettable driving adventure through some of the world’s most remarkable landscapes. Navigate winding mountain tracks, and discover striking canyons and otherworldly rock formations. Explore America’s most iconic national parks and mountain ranges and uncover the history of Colorado and Utah on this epic road trip.


Itinerary Highlights:


  • Begin the journey following the San Juan Scenic Byway with the first waypoint being Lizard Head Pass. The high mountain pass sits at an elevation of 10,246 feet and is surrounded by some of the most picturesque landscapes in Colorado. 

  • Drive along these spectacular roads, pass famous mountains including Mount Wilson, Wilson Peak, and Sunshine Peak, all of which tower to the height of 14,000 feet. 

  • Spend the night at Dunton Hot Springs, a former mining town turned luxury cabin. Relax in the heart of nature and indulge in the soothing waters of the mineral hot springs.

  • Set out on horseback to explore the rugged mountains with an expert guide, winding across the landscape, heading upriver, and ascending steep mountain tracks coming face to face with the majestic Dolores Peak. 

  • Surrounded by rocky outcrops and towering mountain ridges, Colorado provides the perfect destination for climbing. Guided by expert climbers, let your adventurous side free and ascend challenging rock walls. Feel the adrenaline at the summit and take a moment to take in the spectacular views across the valley before abseiling back down.

  • In Utah, be greeted by Navajo guides who will lead the group through the untouched splendor of sacred land. Traverse the desert in 4×4 jeeps, exploring backcountry tracks and marveling at the remarkable sandstone rock formations including the Big Chief Monument and Sleeping Dragon Rock.

  • Camp in this sacred landscape where a private luxury camp will be constructed for the group.

  • Drive along the Scenic Byway 12, one of the most beautiful roads in the world. From an altitude of more than 9,000 feet on Boulder Mountain, the grandeur of this land is revealed with views of the five peaks of the Henry Mountains to the east, the magenta wedge of the Waterpocket Fold below, and the face of the Kaiparowits Plateau to the west. 

  • At Bryce Canyon National Park, take to the sky onboard a helicopter for a scenic flight over the land of red rocks, pink cliffs, and endless vistas. With Lake Powell in sight, experience a thrilling ascent to the top of one of the desert’s most unique formations, Tower Butte. 

  • Continue your scenic flight to the exclusive Amangiri hotel where you will spend your final few nights relaxing in these serene and beautiful surroundings.

  • Explore the tranquil Lake Powell, set amongst the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, surrounded by dramatic red rock formations and canyons. Traverse the rocky terrain on UTVs until reaching the shores of the glistening Lake Powell. Take a boat out on the water for an exhilarating afternoon with Sea-Doo GTI jet skis, kayaks, and SUPs.