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Top locations to adopt a gentle pace and embrace the great outdoors in 2022

Austin, Texas (April 19, 2022): The challenges presented by 2020 have encouraged a more thoughtful and considerate approach to travel. Our immobilized world welcomed long-lost views, brightening skies and the return of wildlife to areas where it once thrived. We have adopted a slower pace, embraced the outdoors, and discovered a greater appreciation for nature.

The rise in demand for environmentally friendly transport services means it is easier than ever to travel slowly, whether by train or boat. Networks of tracks and rivers, especially within Europe, present opportunities to embrace slow travel, the concept of indulging in a gentle journey through a region that allows you to see, feel and understand your surroundings.Taking longer to get to know a particular place well, rather than spending short periods in multiple places, allows travelers to immerse themselves in the local culture and customs, which helps build stronger connections to places and facilitates the feeling of belonging somewhere, a home away from home.

– PERU –


Price: 2-night train journey + 2 nights at La Casitas from

USD $7,500 + flights + experiences

Travel on the Belmond’s Andean Explorer, South America’s first luxury sleeper train for a one- or two-night journey, from Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, towards UNESCO world heritage sites in the city of Arequipa. Traverse one of the highest plains of the Andes and explore this breathtaking country in a luxurious and exhilarating journey. You’ll embark on the ultimate Peruvian escape traveling in complete style and comfort from Cusco to Arequipa, visiting charming Puno and the incredible Lake Titicaca along the way. Interiors on board are influenced by local cultures and traditions, while dining is inspired by and created with the abundance of fresh local produce.

See more of Peru by extending your adventure to explore the breathtaking beauty of Colca Canyon. Choose to leave the train journey a little early at Cañahuas and escape to La Casitas, a secluded hideaway and spa in the Andes.



Price:  From $3250 per person for 7-night minimum stay + flights

Few locations remain that outshine the wealth of Raja Ampat’s coral reefs. Providing a tropical hideaway amid uninhabited islands lies Misool, an isolated private resort with an impressive conservation story. Reversing the impact of shark finning and destructive fishing is the Misool Foundation, the resort’s charitable arm which pioneers projects to save some of the most biodiverse reefs on Earth. Through world-class underwater experiences, explore the protected marine reserve where manta ray and shark populations continue to flourish.



7-night stay from $6,600 per person

(inclusive of the mandatory conservation fee) + flights

Home to many endangered species, Borana Lodge holds conservation close to its heart. Following 2013’s critical black rhino introduction, the Lewa-Borana landscape now homes over 200 white and black rhinos, making this East Africa’s largest rhino sanctuary. To tackle poaching and ever-increasing conservation costs, all earnings generated by the lodge are invested in the conservancy. Whether it's horseback riding on wildlife-rich plains or mountain biking across craggy landscapes, take pride in the knowledge that you are directly supporting rhino conservation by simply experiencing Borana. You will leave knowing you have truly made a difference.



Price: From $4,300 for a minimum 7-night stay + flights + experiences


Venture deep into the Scottish Highlands to discover four remote lodges in wonderfully off-the-grid locations. From the comfort of an inviting wilderness retreat, immerse yourself in the rugged surroundings and develop your understanding of conservation, ecology, and the natural world. Once home to thriving flora and fauna, a progressive conservation project is in place to re-wild this majestic area of land by reintroducing original plant and wildlife species. Embark on a guided ranger tour to search for wild boar, red squirrels, golden eagles and learn about Alladale’s fascinating wildcat breeding project



Price: From $7,700 for 7-night stay + flights + experiences

There’s nothing more rewarding than working for your food, choosing to go fishing, or picking fresh ingredients at a local food farm for you to indulge in later that evening. Alternatively, the onsite restaurant with passionate chefs combines traditional methods with modern tastes to curate exquisite Norwegian dishes. Escape to Union Oye, a luxury Norwegian hotel that first opened in 1891 and is nestled amongst mountains and forests near the 20km long Geirangerfjord. Experience pure tranquillity and relaxation after a day filled with hiking, boat trips, kayaking, cycling, helicopter rides, and alpine skiing at this UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

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Pelorus is the ultimate experiential travel company, designing tailormade travel and yachting experiences in extraordinary places across the globe. Founders, Geordie Mackay-Lewis and Jimmy Carroll are ex British Army and bring their experience leading British reconnaissance units on long-range desert patrols and helicopter operations to their truly custom trips. The knowledge and skills they forged during these years lay the foundations upon which Pelorus is built. They endeavor to meet clients’ wildest aspirations using their global network of contacts and an extensive level of research. In a time when genuine escape is hard to find, Pelorus is taking a new and exciting approach to the travel and yachting sectors.

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