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From Treasure Hunts to Yacht Experiences,

Pelorus Designs Dream Destination Proposals and Bucket List Honeymoons for 2023

Austin, Texas (January 26, 2023): Pelorus, the ultimate travel and yacht expedition company, knows that it’s not only the flowers and band that make a couple’s nuptials memorable but also the proposal and honeymoon. The UK and US-based travel operator is pleased to debut four extraordinary ways to pop the question and four unique experiences for your special trip after the big day. Their team of travel experts will consult with individuals or couples to design the most amazing proposal, choosing unique and thoughtful locations and creating magical once-in-a-lifetime experiences, sure to be remembered forever. For couples who love to be surprised or prefer a unique honeymoon, they can choose their own adventure with Pelorus from island hopping in the Maldives to conservation immersion in South Africa.

Memorable Proposals


Pop the Question on a Unique Treasure Hunt 

From $31,000 pp plus yacht charter for 7 nights

Best time to visit: December – June


For those who want to do things differently, an adventurous treasure hunt proposal will be sure to impress. Travel by yacht in Sardinia, Antigua, and Barbuda, or Indonesia and enjoy immersive treasure hunts to inspire and excite, with a worthy prize at the end.

  • Pelorus has collaborated with Luxury Treasure Hunts, led on the ground by an expert team of passionate storytellers, actors, screenwriters, prop makers and former Hollywood producers. 

  • Retrace the footsteps of the real-life Pirates of the Caribbean with an iconic treasure hunt experience in Antigua and Barbuda. As you cruise the Caribbean, hop off board to explore the islands and zipline through the dense jungle. Kitesurf off Barbuda’s pink sand beaches, where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean Sea in a striking and distinctive hue of color. Swim with sting rays before dancing to steel bands at sunset and camping out on secluded islands without seeing a single soul.

  • Sail on MES AMIS or EROS, beautiful sailing yachts that artfully combine luxury living and spectacular adventure.


A Winter Proposal under the Northern Lights

From $11,000 pp plus yacht charter for 4-7 nights

Best Time to Visit: October - March


Escape to Norway’s Lofoten Islands on the cozy HMS GASSTEN, to an area with some of the most majestic and unique natural landscapes on Earth. Time your trip to coincide with the northern lights for a night to be remembered forever.

  • Catch a glimpse of whales, go hiking and biking, surf on white-sand beaches, play golf under the light of the midnight sun, and horseback ride along the rugged coastline

  • Enjoy freshly caught seafood after a day of exploration in the archipelago, or sample wild dining on the edge of the sea under the northern lights for a truly romantic evening.

  • Originally built as a Minesweeper in the Swedish Navy in 1973, a  refit by master craftsmen in Scotland has maintained HMS GASSTEN’s unique naval heritage whilst transforming her into a one-of-a-kind versatile floating home.  


Disconnect from the Outside World at Loggers Lodge, a Private Wilderness in Swedish Lapland

From $10,000 pp for 4 nights

Best time to visit: October - March


Propose in a beautiful original wooden cabin with the Northern Lights as your backdrop and a candle-lit dinner prepared by your private chef, accompanied by live violin music Whether you visit in midsummer with its endless nights and lush green forests, in colorful autumn with the mythical Northern Lights, or in winter when the ground is blanketed in a magical white, Swedish Lapland is endlessly romantic.

  • With no light, sound, or air pollution, this is a place where you can disconnect from the outside world, connect with your partner on a deeper level, and experience untouched nature in its purest form.

  • Loggers Lodge is an exclusive-use cabin in the middle of a remote forest with a river running nearby, and it’s the perfect location to experience the spirit of Swedish Lapland.


Unique & Romantic Wildlife Experiences: Animals that mate for life and where to view them



From $8,500 pp for 7 nights

Best time to visit: June - October

Dik-diks stay together as couples until death. When one inevitably dies before the other, the remaining animal becomes suicidal and can even surrender to a predator due to loneliness. 


The best place to see dik-diks is Sasaab in Samburu, Kenya. Perched on the edge of a river valley, the architecture of Sasaab blends Swahili and Moroccan design principles in which the African heat is of primary consideration. From a game drive to a walking safari, there are plenty of opportunities to come together and celebrate everlasting love.


From $8,500 pp for 7 nights

Best time to visit: May - November

Showing romance isn’t dead, these birds mate for life yet the male must still court the female each year. The African fish eagle is an iconic symbol in Africa. There’s no better place to stay than Time + Tide Chinzombo in South Luangwa, Zambia – a great luxury lodge for couples. Nestled before the entrancing panorama of the South Luangwa River, the six luxurious safari tents melt into the canvas of Zambia’s serene riverside – a truly magical setting.

  • Follow the footsteps of Africa’s most majestic predators and immerse yourself in Zambia’s rich natural history. From shaded and spacious verandas, listen to the wildlife choir and witness millions of stars lighting elephant’s paths to the waterfront right on your doorstep.

  • Dinner under the starlit sky, made with delicious homegrown produce, provides the perfect way to end the day, surrounded by the warmth of the fire pit on top of your veranda or on the riverfront deck.


From $13,000 pp for 7 nights

Best time to visit: March - October 

These distant relatives are similar to humans in more than just DNA. Gibbons is the only species closely related to humans who form long-term monogamous pair bonds. They pair up for life and form a family that stays together until the offspring grow up and leave home. Always together, the coupled male and female will spend time grooming each other and (literally) hanging out together in the trees. These acts of togetherness reinforce their connection, and they serenade each other with complex songs to literally shout their love from the treetops.


While most visit Borneo for the orangutans, there is an abundance of Gibbons to be found in their natural habitat there. Visit Camp Leakey and stay onboard a Klotok boat – a traditional Indonesian boat – as you cruise upriver to and from the park.

Memorable Honeymoons