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Pelorus Becomes Expedition Partner for OceanSky Cruises in 2024 Curating Bespoke Experiences for Travelers

Austin, Texas (December 6, 2022): Pelorus, the ultimate experiential travel and yachting company announces a partnership with OceanSky Cruises to become their ‘Expedition Partner’, supporting the development and progression of ultra-sustainable airship travel. Together, Pelorus and OceanSky Cruises will usher in a new age of no-footprint voyages to unlock and gain access to some of the most remote and carefully preserved corners of the world. The first charters are planned to take flight in 2024 where guests will have the opportunity to cruise in complete comfort and luxury from Svalbard to what is often considered ‘ground zero’ for climate change; the North Pole. 


We partner with the best experiential companies in the world: to make sure we execute the future of airship travel in the most excellent way possible. Pelorus is a leader in the market curating bespoke adventures, and together we're delighted to be pioneering this unique expedition to the North Pole," shares Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck, CEO of OceanSky Cruises. 

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Pelorus will deliver comprehensive research, planning and logistics to build bespoke private experiences pre, post and on board OceanSky Cruises industry leading ‘lighter than air’ airships. With details of the comprehensive Pelorus x OceanSky Cruises experience being kept under wraps for the time being, modern luxury explorers can expect to embark on a 36-hour round trip cruising 1000 ft above sea level. Passengers will take in a unique perspective of the majestic landscape and its natural inhabitants while dining on the finest cuisine and learning from onboard polar experts and scientists, who have dedicated their careers to the research and preservation of the region.

The peak of this experience is the extraordinarily rare opportunity to drop down onto the exact location of The North Pole to enjoy a sustainable dining experience and spend a few precious hours at the very top of our planet. 

It’s not every day that opportunities become available to partner with a brand who is  looking to move the needle quite as much as Carl-Oscar and his team at OceanSky Cruises. At Pelorus, innovation in sustainable travel is at the very forefront of our minds and business. We are devoted to crafting perspective changing experiences for our clients. We’re incredibly excited about the future of this collaboration and possibilities it creates to showcase remote parts of the planet in a much more environmentally conscious way,” shares Geordie Mackay-Lewis, Co-founder and CEO of Pelorus.


More information about the exact details of Pelorus x OceanSky Cruises charter experiences will be released in 2023 with plans already being formulated for additional routes and regions. 


About Pelorus: 

Pelorus is the ultimate experiential travel company, designing tailormade travel and yachting experiences in extraordinary places across the globe.  Founders Geordie Mackay Lewis and Jimmy Carroll are ex-British army captains and bring their experience leading British reconnaissance units on long-range desert patrols and helicopter operations to their truly custom trips. The knowledge and skills they forged during these years lay the foundations upon which Pelorus is built.  They endeavor to meet clients’ wildest aspirations using their global network of contacts and an extensive level of research. In a time when genuine escape is hard to find, Pelorus is taking a new and exciting approach to the travel and yachting sectors. 

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About OceanSky Cruises:

In 2018, after many years of research and investigation in the lighter-than-air sector, the OceanSky Cruises brand was released, and an unprecedented concept in luxury aviation was unveiled. In doing so, experiential travel was given a revolutionary new meaning by providing a sustainable way to access remote locations in style and comfort. OceanSky Cruises’ goal is to continually evolve and develop best-in-class travel experiences for their clients while also giving rise to a renewed popularity of airships. They are committed to innovation and pushing the aviation industry into a new sustainable future. For more information:


Media Contact:

Julie Leventhal

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