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Pelorus Climate Investment Fund Reduces Travel’s Impact on the Environment and Drive Positive Action for the Future of the Planet

Justine Williams recently appointed as Head of the Pelorus Foundation

Austin, Texas (March 15, 2023): Pelorus Foundation’s new Climate Investment Fund is a dynamic portfolio made up of nature and technology-based solutions to carbon removal, addressing travel emissions responsibly. Inspired by a desire to take a hands-on approach to carbon emissions, the Fund creates sustainable partnerships directly with the projects on the ground – supporting communities on the front line of the climate crisis, and investing in technology that is pioneering carbon removal. Clients traveling with Pelorus have an opportunity to invest credits allowing environmentally conscious individuals to address their travel emissions responsibly. Solutions to conserving our planet exist. It’s simply a matter of investing in them.
To determine the amount of carbon credits needed to compensate for trips, Pelorus has partnered with Greenly to create a bespoke carbon accounting platform. Strictly following the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, their travel designers are able to calculate emissions accurately and independently. By understanding the carbon footprint of a trip, Pelorus can offer clients practical advice on how to reduce emissions while still experiencing Pelorus’ unique brand of experiential adventure.

“Our Climate Investment Fund is proud to support carbon removal projects pioneering-technology based solutions, as well as nature-based solutions that place the local population at the heart of projects,” shares Pelorus Co-Founder Geordie Mackay Lewis. He adds, “The immense restorative power of nature itself is one of the most cost-effective ways to tackle climate change, yet there is also an urgent need to invest in novel technology pioneering new methods needed to reverse climate change. Our new Climate Investment Portfolio enables both. Whilst we recognise that our Climate Investment Fund will not end climate change, it is a measure we take to reduce our impact on the environment, and ensure travel is a force of good.”

Through the fund, Pelorus is able to promote some of the world’s leading carbon removal projects to individuals with the capacity to make significant changes to the future of the planet. Two of the projects within the Climate Investment Fund are from Plan Vivo’s Standard certified projects which place the local population at the heart of the projects – including reforestation in Timor Leste to soil carbon sequestration in Mongolia. The first project, Halo Verde, builds lasting partnerships with Timorese farmers by working together on agroforestry, land restoration, and sustainable agricultural practices. The latter, Pastures, Conservation, Climate Action, helps to develop and implement new approaches to restore degraded grasslands in rural Mongolia.


The third project, Running Tide, a technology-driven blue carbon company, is combining technology, science, and the natural processes of the ocean to put carbon back where it belongs by growing biomass and sinking it in the deep ocean. Founded by fishermen, Running Tide started by reinventing regenerative aquaculture and ecosystem restoration in Maine, United States. Now, their unique team of scientists, biologists, fishing captains, engineers, and welders are leading the blue carbon movement.

Pelorus Foundation helps its corporate partners reach their climate impact goals and develop meaningful CSR strategies. As the foundation continues into its third year, two carbon removal projects supported by the fund are below:


Enhanced rock weathering 

Enhanced rock weathering is a pioneering carbon removal method that accelerates a natural geological process, whereby carbon dioxide in rainwater interacts with rocks and soil, mineralizes, and is stored in carbonate form. Our project partners, UNDO, spread crushed basalt rock onto agricultural land in the UK and US, permanently removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for 100,000+ years. For the last two years, UNDO has worked at the cutting edge of science alongside experts in the climate, carbon, and agricultural sectors to develop the enhanced rock weathering process technology. 


"We are delighted to be working with Pelorus Foundation. Carbon dioxide removal and the prevention of further biodiversity loss are both critical to keeping a living, vibrant planet so it's wonderful to put the two together with this partnership." - Jim Mann, CEO and Co-Founder at UNDO



Pelorus Foundation’s new agroforestry project based in West Sumatra province, Indonesia, supports smallholder farmers to enhance their land with the growth and management of food trees such as avocado, cloves, cinnamon, and coffee. The carbon credits are developed in an integrated way, underpinning Pelorus Foundation’s belief that we should not be looking at the environment in an isolated way, but together with social issues that communities face. 


Justine Williams as the recent new Head of the Pelorus Foundation brings over 30 years’ of experience from the UK voluntary sector to the charity. Prior to joining Pelorus, Justine led fundraising and marketing teams in a range of UK and international charities, including Plan International, ActionAid, Practical Action and UK environmental charity Garden Organic. Driving positive change, Justine has sourced funding to support people living in some of the poorest parts of the world - working with local community-based partners to help combat the effects of climate change, protect our environment and ensure long-term biodiversity through environmentally conscious and sustainable projects.


Justine Williams, Head of the Pelorus Foundation shares, “I am delighted to join the Pelorus Foundation, a very special organization that funds conservation and environmental projects that are close to my heart. Working together with our supporters and project partners, I look forward to helping build the Foundation and raising essential funds to support impactful projects. Our bigger picture goal - helping to create a more sustainable world for people and wildlife, whilst conserving and protecting our planet for generations to come.”

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About Pelorus Foundation:

The Pelorus Foundation is a charity committed to protecting, preserving, and promoting at-risk wildlife and environments. The Foundation works together with local partners on the front lines of conservation and environmental protection, providing crucial support to protect and defend endangered species and habitats. Through targeted donations, sharing of knowledge, and expertise, the Pelorus Foundation enables its partners to continue to carry out vital work and maximize impact. From fighting wildlife crime in Africa, to pioneering marine research in the Red Sea, the Pelorus Foundation is driven by the immense power of collective action and community involvement.


About the Climate Investment Fund:

The Climate Investment Fund is a bespoke portfolio comprised of some of the world’s leading carbon removal solutions: technology-driven blue carbon, forestation, soil carbon sequestration, and enhanced rock weathering. The fund works with nomadic herders in Mongolia, coastal communities in Iceland and the US, and now, subsistence farmers in Indonesia and Timor-Leste, as well as British farmers. By investing in the minority of carbon credits that actually remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, their Climate Investment Fund is driving the development of pioneering methods needed to reverse climate change as well as supporting projects which place the local population at the heart of it.

About Pelorus: 

Pelorus creates tailor-made travel and yachting experiences that seek to transform our perspective of the world and our impact on the planet. Founders Jimmy Carroll and Geordie Mackay Lewis are ex-British army captains and bring their experience leading British reconnaissance units on long-range desert patrols and helicopter operations to their truly custom trips. The knowledge and skills they forged during these years lay the foundations upon which Pelorus is built.  They endeavor to meet clients’ wildest aspirations using their global network of contacts and an extensive level of research. In a time when genuine escape is hard to find, Pelorus is taking a new and exciting approach to the travel and yachting sectors. 

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Media Contact:

Alexandra Avila

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