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Pelorus Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments for Travel Experiences in New Partnership with HAVYN 

Austin, Texas (September 16, 2022): Pelorus, the ultimate experiential travel company, leads the way in the travel industry as one of the first luxury tour operators to accept payments in the form of cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin & USD Tether which make up 75% of the crypto market. To allow and confirm secured payments, Pelorus has partnered with HAYVN, a digital asset focused financial institution. HAYVN Pay allows end clients to use their cryptocurrencies for something other than trading and enables them to utilize cryptocurrencies as a means to make everyday payments quickly and effortlessly.


"HAYVN Pay enables Pelorus to receive cryptocurrency payments from anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds, not days. This is crucial to the future of global, luxury travel and international experiences,” shares Jonathan Wood, Chief Revenue Officer of HAYVN.


Allowing payment via cryptocurrency will enable clients who are heavily invested in crypto assets to secure bookings without having to convert to traditional currencies. This will allow for instant cross border payments rather than waiting a number of days for wires to occur, alongside significantly reduced processing fees.


Geordie Mackay-Lewis, Co-Founder and CEO of Pelorus comments, "We are excited to be launching crypto currency solutions for our clients, which is very much in line with our customer journey and Web3 strategy. Together with HAYVN, this allows our clients to pay for travel and yacht services seamlessly, without having to convert it first.

To process the cryptocurrency payments, travelers will be able to receive a payment URL link via email or WhatsApp. These payments will be open to all clients worldwide and AML checks will be done when payments are received to assess the level of risk associated with the particular coins received. This checks the prior history of the coin to ensure no fraudulent or illegal activity has occurred.  If any is found the payment is returned to the client and another payment must be provided. 



About Pelorus:

Pelorus is the ultimate experiential travel company, designing tailormade travel and yachting experiences in extraordinary places across the globe. Founders Jimmy Carroll and Geordie Mackay Lewis are ex-British army captains and bring their experience leading British reconnaissance units on long-range desert patrols and helicopter operations to their truly custom trips. The knowledge and skills they forged during these years lay the foundations upon which Pelorus is built. They endeavor to meet clients’ wildest aspirations using their global network of contacts and an extensive level of research. In a time when genuine escape is hard to find, Pelorus is taking a new and exciting approach to the travel and yachting sectors. 

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About HAYVN:

HAYVN is a crypto-focused financial institution delivering Payments, Trading, Custody, Asset Management, and Research to our global client base.Regulated by the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), FINMA in Switzerland, AUSTRAC in Australia and CIMA in the Cayman Islands, HAYVN is the trusted partner that institutional cryptocurrency investors demand and deserve. HAYVN’s cryptocurrency ecosystem is built on unprecedented levels of transparency, security, regulatory compliance, and execution capability. HAYVN is simplifying and revolutionizing the way the world utilizes cryptocurrency, providing businesses with a safe and reliable way for their clients to pay using cryptocurrency. 

Media Contact:

Julie Leventhal

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