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Nelly O. Gedeon, Founder and CEO of Wayaj,
launches Alight with a Mission to Help Travelers Reduce Carbon Emissions at Check Out


New York, NY (April 25, 2022): Nelly O. Gedeon, serial entrepreneur and founder of Wayaj is pleased to introduce her newest venture, a dynamic new hotel booking platform that allows travelers to calculate and offset their carbon emissions all at check out. Wayaj is a global leader in providing innovative and effective solutions to the hospitality industry to reduce its impact on the environment and foster sustainable communities. Founder, Nelly O. Gedeon leads Wayaj as it delivers the resources, tools, and expertise to empower the accommodations sector and travelers to make more informed choices to support sustainability. 

“My goal for Alight is to give travelers the power to reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by offsetting the carbon footprint of their trip. The people who contribute the least to the degradation of the environment are the most affected by it and using the Alight platform when you travel gives you the ability to fight back against climate change. If each one of us plays a small part, it will make a world of a difference,” shares Nelly O. Gedeon, founder of Alight. 


As travel and tourism are among the leading contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, Nelly designed Wayaj’s IMPPACT  Program, which equips travelers with the Carbon Footprint Calculating Engine (CFC Engine TM) making it easy to assess the CO2 generated from their trip and neutralize its impact through offsetting, while supporting Sustainable Actions (SAs) all aligned with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She believes that sustainable travel is here to stay and will define the travel industry in the future. Her contributions have been recognized by the International Hospitality Institute, naming Nelly to their Global Top 30 Champions of Environmental Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism in 2021. 

While the pandemic increased awareness of tourism’s negative impact on the environment and local communities, it reinforced the need for travelers and the industry to become more sustainably minded. The NYTimes 52 Places for a Changed World in 2022 is a timely example and reminder of the importance of how travelers can be a part of the solution. 

Nelly grew up in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and immigrated to the United States in 1982. She attended the City College of NY and received a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and completed an MBA with a concentration in finance from Hofstra University. As a female engineer and a black woman she immediately faced challenges in the private sector that encouraged her to pivot and create her own business. In 2019, Wayaj was created and every decision she makes is done with a focus on the health and sustainability of the planet. Recognized as a distinguished leader, Nelly joins Ernst & Young's Entrepreneurs Access Network, a community of Black and Latino entrepreneurs launching innovative minority-owned businesses in 2022. 

Earth Day 2022, she launched Alight with the continued desire to arm travelers with a tool for positive impact travel, helping globetrotters make more conscious and sustainable choices from reducing carbon emissions to supporting environmentally-friendly accommodations. The platform’s collection of properties are rated and vetted by their proprietary Hotel Sustainability Ratings (HSR) tool which scores them across seven categories, which include community relationships, use of water, energy and waste, building materials and resources, as well as the quality of the indoor environment, and corporate management. 



Join this groundbreaking new OTA exclusively for hotels and resorts leading the way in sustainability. Designed to reach mindful travelers, Alight features properties with eco /  social-forward ethos, programs, and amenities making a lasting difference in the future of hospitality. Travelers will also find inspiration for ethical wanderlust—articles, guides, more.

Travelers have the opportunity to offset their trips: Using Alight’s proprietary CFC Engine™,  guests select from an ever-growing list of  Carbon Offset Projects and see instant results,  and can also directly contribute to impactful social programs, at checkout. This groundbreaking feature is a first for the travel industry.


Alight vets and supplies each of its listed hotels with a sustainability rating. Based on  7 categories, travelers have a thorough understanding of what each property is doing to contribute to sustainability—and where it has room to grow. Our HSR score provides transparency and builds trust.


About Alight:

Alight empowers mindful travelers with a one-stop booking platform of verified sustainable hotels and carbon offsetting capabilities. Providing expert information and inspiration for ethical wanderlust, Alight features properties with an eco and socially conscious ethos and offers programs to contribute to that will make a lasting difference in the future. Alight aims to inspire ethical travel around the world and knows that small acts can create big change by those who are committed to protecting the planet. To join the sustainable journey visit


About Wayaj:

Wayaj is a global leader in providing innovative and effective solutions to the hospitality industry to reduce its impact on the environment, and foster sustainable communities. With over 470 hotel members in 109 countries, Wayaj delivers the resources, tools, and expertise to empower the accommodations sector and travelers to make more informed choices to support sustainability. As the originators of the ground-breaking Carbon Footprint Calculating Engine (CFC Engine   ), and proprietary Hotel Sustainability Rating tool, they are pleased to announce the anticipated launch of Alight, a dynamic new booking website April 2022.

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