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Cheetah Plains Debuts Exclusive Private Art Tour with

South African Artist Conor Mccreedy

New Art Buying in the Bush Guest Experience for 2023

Sabi Sand, South Africa (January 04, 2023): One of the most eclectic displays of South African contemporary art is housed in the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve, and as of January 2023 will offer a private art tour and buying experience at the award-winning Cheetah Plains. Curated to honor the country’s most celebrated and emerging painters and sculptors, the Art Collection at Cheetah Plains is an enlightening journey for today's discerning travelers with an appetite for a safari that is uniquely a piece of art in itself. Since its debut in 2018, Cheetah Plains has redefined a new notion of luxury where spotting the big five on a game drive is a thrill only matched by spotting what visionary owner, Japie van Niekerk, has curated in this standout collection with Works by acclaimed masters that are intentionally placed alongside current and emerging talent the likes of William Kentridge, Jacobus Pierneef, Cecil Skotnes, Conor Mccreedy, Angus Taylor, Loyiso Mkize and Gail Caitlin to name a few. 

Curated as new experiences for 2023, Cheetah Plains has designed a new private art tour and art buying experience for aesthetes. This unique opportunity allows guests to receive a one-on-one art tour with illustrious South African artist Conor Mccreedy, known for his distinctive monochromatic blue painted artwork with pieces such as Blue Butterfly and Blue Running Cheetah on display at the property. 


“As a passionate contemporary and classic Africa-art collection, I am proud to have Conor’s iconic works displayed as seminal pieces in our cheetah Plains Private Game Reserve Collection set within South Africa’s most celebrated wildlife area, the Sabi Sands Reserve. 


Our private bushveld villas’ honest architecture and muted interior-design palette, imbued with warm, natural elements, are strikingly enhanced and entirely ‘lifted’ by the inclusion of Mccreedy’s masterful pieces. Their scale, their subject matter and, of course, a blue unlike any other command attention and are a constant source of conversation, admiration and inspiration amongst our guests,” shares Cheetah Plains owner Japie van Niekerk.

Most notably is Conor’s impressive depiction of the Mapogo Brotherhood lion pride, which anchors the formal dining room in the aptly named Villa Mapogo. 

“When I painted the Mapogo lions, there was a hidden message in the art. I was inspired by the lions and the idea of brotherhood. I painted three lions to symbolize the three Mccreedy brothers. I painted a heart in the shoulder blade of the last lion to symbolize the love of family, which is everything in life,” shares artist Conor Mccreedy.

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Additionally, a characteristically abstract diptych defines one of the private guest suites, which is appropriately christened ‘The Mccreedy Suite’ in the impactful work’s honor.


Mccreedy goes on to share, “I’ve always loved the ultimate luxury combined with wild nature. I’m a big fan of the Cheetah Plains system and set up. The energy is special. When I’m there all my friends from around the world get to enjoy it with me and my love for Africa. It inspires us to discuss the connection of art and nature, with a focus on the four C’s - commerce, community, culture and conservation.” 


The private tour is packaged with a 3-night stay in Villas Mapogo or Karula and includes a signed and personally dedicated copy of his limited edition Blue Sultan Assouline Book, which was released in October 2022. 

In addition, for guests who are true connoisseurs and interested in growing their own portfolio of art, Cheetah Plains will coordinate a private art broker to join them in the bush for a private tour and help guide them through the property's prominent works of art featuring pieces from emerging to established South African artists. Select pieces in the Art Collection at Cheetah Plains are available for purchase and can be shipped directly to guests both domestically and internationally.

Loyiso Mkize

Born in Butterworth in the Eastern Cape (1987), it is testimony to this young South African artist's talent that he is almost a house-hold name. While his comic book series (a South Africa superhero series, KWEZI) accounts for some of this success, his serious art work has also earned him much acclaim. 

Mkize uses oil on canvas to explore issues of African identity, focusing on his brush strokes on skin and eyes to convey the spirit and complex nature of his subjects. The emotive power of his pieces gives tangible voice to the artist's goal of preserving, exalting and communication the unique African identity of his subject. 

In 2018, Cheetah Plains debuted as a luxury sustainable safari with three private villas designed with four guest bush suites operating entirely from solar power and equipped with its own complete hospitality team, as well as an expert field guide and tracker dedicated to its own private safari. The same passion that led Cheetah Plains to become the pioneers in zero-emission private game-viewing and 100% off-grid luxury lodging in the Sabi Sand, drove its team of creative visionaries to raise the bar beyond expectations for what art and design in the bush could be. 


Set on redefining convention by sensitively translating urban sophistication in the bush, Architecture firm ARRCC, respectfully blends and celebrates the environment, while designing three elegant yet simplified, understated yet powerful villas, that have become a natural vessel for the country's finest contemporary artists and an exquisite backdrop to the most inspired eco-luxe safari. Only through such an exceptional vision and artistic collaboration from the finest masters in their craft, would Cheetah Plains ultimately come to earn the ‘Best Eco-Luxury Hospitality Design’ Award from the Build Awards in 2022.


The simplistic and luxurious design of the villas combines warm, natural elements and is enhanced by owner Japie van Niekerk’s handpicked decor pieces and curated artworks by notable African artists. Celebrated South African artists include Jacobus Pierneef, William Kentridge, Cecil Scotnes, Lionel Smit, and Vladimir Tretchikoff. Japie van Niekerk has placed artwork by acclaimed masters intentionally alongside current and up-and-coming talent. Current artists whose work adorns the walls at Cheetah Plains includes Gail Catlin, Lionel Smit, Angus Taylor, and Greatjoy Ndlovu, which sit next to emerging artists whose work can be found at Cheetah Plains includes Loyiso Mkize and Olantuji Sanusi

The Conor Mccreedy Experience starts at $57,100 for 3-nights. 


Rates at Cheetah Plains begin at $2,000 per person per day, all-inclusive, based on four adults with a 3-night minimum and $1,550 per additional guest or $770 per child 3-12 years of age or $150 under three years of age. * Subject to availability of persons and accommodation.

For reservations visit or contact or +27 79 694 8430. 


About Cheetah Plains: 

Opened in 2018, Cheetah Plains is home to the exclusive-use luxury villa and sustainable safari experience nestled in South Africa’s most celebrated wildlife area, the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve. The eco-luxe experience includes three private villas with four guest bush suites that accommodate up to eight guests each with its own formal lounge, living and dining areas, expansive swimming pool, and outdoor deck that operates off-grid. Each villa comes with a complete hospitality team consisting of an accomplished host, culinary team, and spa therapist, as well as an expert field guide and tracker dedicated to you for the duration of your stay. Families and children of all ages are welcome to experience their own personalized safari, guided bush walks, wellness offerings, fitness gym, and ‘Cubs Club‘ for kids. Cheetah Plains sets the standard in South Africa for zero-emission game-viewing utilizing its own fleet of solar-charged Land Cruiser Electric Safari vehicles. A luxury sustainable safari that is beyond expectations. 


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