Casa di Langa, Northern Italy’s New 5 Star

Sustainable Hotel Opening June 2021, Offers Gastronomy & Wine Experiences in Piedmont

New York | Rome | (March 2021) Casa di Langa, a new sustainable luxury hotel opened June 2021 in the heart of northern Italy’s Piedmont region. Overlooking 100+ acres of working vineyards and rolling hills, the 39-room boutique property combines traditional Piedmontese design with sustainable practices thoughtfully threaded throughout the guest experience. 


Home to over 40 Michelin starred restaurants, Piedmont is the birthplace of the Slow Food Movement. A testimony to winegrowing and winemaking traditions, the area is celebrated for some of the world’s finest wines and the famous Alba white truffles, recognized as the highest quality of truffles in the world. At Casa di Langa, the gastronomy and wine experience will showcase and reflect the exceptional offerings of this rich region.

Culinary & Wine Experiences


While at Casa di Langa, guests can explore historic vineyards on an iconic Vespa and learn to expertly make classic local dishes alongside Chef Manuel Bouchard. Casa di Langa offers a curated selection of authentic experiences for guests that includes:


  • Hands-on cooking classes combined with a visit to the onsite vegetable garden and greenhouse, further demonstrating zero km farm-to-table initiatives that align with centuries-old regional traditions

  • A wine academy that offers intimate tastings three times a day, and ranges from an overview of the local wine culture to customized blind tastings.

  • Truffle hunting where expert truffle hunters and their Lagotto dogs (an Italian breed known for their truffle finding abilities) will guide you on an exciting journey to discover both black and white truffles 

  • Wine Tastings at popular Barolo and Barbaresco wineries nearby 

Immerse yourself in the history and techniques of the Langhe region’s world-famous cuisine with hands-on cooking classes. Available for both adults and children, these classes feature informative visits to our sustainable vegetable garden, greenhouse, and orchard before a professionally led class in the kitchen. Guests will not only leave satisfied but they will also take away a Casa di Langa apron, certificate of attendance, and more.


The Piedmont region is also host to notable year-round culinary and wine events not far from the Casa di Langa Estate. The property’s concierge can make arrangements for guests to attend. 

Fàula Ristorante 


With rolling vineyards as a backdrop to the property’s fine dining, Fàula Ristorante, patrons don’t have to look far for the seasonal menu’s inspiration. Each dish is based on the local harvest and served with great care and attention, utilizing sustainable agriculture and zero km practices. Fàula, meaning “tale” in local Langhe dialect, is an homage to the region’s age-old tradition of families and friends spending quality time together sharing stories. 


At the helm of Fàula, is Chef Manuel Bouchard who takes command of a space designed to complement his modern yet authentic culinary approach. The menu, which can be enjoyed both indoors and on the alfresco dining patio, is rooted in traditional Piedmontese cuisine and proposes innovative creations utilizing local ingredients sourced from the property’s gardens and local producers. Born in Turin, Italy, the ambitious 32-year-old chef has committed his life to the cuisine of the North, having worked at 5 Michelin Starred restaurants throughout Northern Italy all before the age of 25. He returned to the Langhe region in 2014 to open Michelin Plate Antinè in Barbaresco where he’s been recognized by Gambero Rosso, the world's authority on Italian food and wine. 

Chef Manuel Bouchard, Fàula Ristorante shares, “A high regard for sustainability plays an ever-greater role in the kitchen at Casa di Langa. Seasonal, local ingredients will be used as much as possible, including asparagus, artichokes, hazelnuts, mushrooms, and truffles as well as the harvest from our own vegetable gardens, greenhouses, and orchards to inspire dishes. Fruits, cheeses, and other ingredients will be sourced from local purveyors and we will feature fish native to our streams and lakes such as trout and char as well as locally sourced Fassona (Piedmont cow) meat. We will always try to buy the right amount of raw materials in order to avoid excess waste and we will reuse waste by creating fertilizer to nourish the soil of our gardens.” 


The design of the restaurant, cellar, and bar, as well as the alfresco dining space, was carried out by GaS Studio and Parisotto + Formenton Architetti in collaboration with Chef Manuel Bouchard. The restaurant’s large arched windows take inspiration from traditional architecture in the region, which helps frame the surrounding landscape, allowing you to enjoy the view of the rolling hills, vineyards, and hazelnut groves from inside.  The dining room is connected to the outdoor dining space and there is visual continuity here – including the use of Luserna stone - in order to create when the large French windows open, a unique wide-open space to breathe in the panorama which simultaneously becomes part of the interior space as well. 


In regards to marrying gastronomy and wine, Chef Manuel Bouchard also shares, “Being surrounded by one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of vine cultivation and wine production, it is natural to include wine in our dishes, whether the cheek of Fassona in Barolo, risotto or in reductions and sauces. Of course,  Langhe wine is king! In fact, Barolo has been crowned as the City of Italian Wine for 2021.”

Sorì Cocktail Bar & Wine Cellar 


At Sorì Cocktail Bar, guests can indulge in wines from around the world and neighboring vineyards.  Highlights of the bar will be one of Piedmont’s most classic drinks, Vermouth, along with a unique cadre of Italian spirits paying homage to the Langhe region. Classic spirits such as Scotch, American whisky, and Cognac will also be served along with a curated beer selection. 


For wine connoisseurs, the Wine Cellar’s intimate space will serve private and small group tastings surrounded by an international collection of over 4,000 bottles and 700 labels. Guests can couple their tasting with a midday lunch paired by sommelier Francesco Molinari and Chef Bouchard. Larger group tastings and private events will take place at Villa Agreste, a specially designed private space on the Estate for gatherings and celebrations.

About Casa di Langa: 

Casa di Langa is a sustainable luxury hotel in the heart of northern Italy’s Piedmont region. A member of the Preferred Hotels & Resorts and L.V.X Collection, this five-star property opening June 2021 sits on the doorstep of Le Langhe, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Overlooking 100+ acres of working vineyards and rolling hills, the 39-room boutique property combines traditional Piedmontese design with sustainable practices thoughtfully threaded throughout the guest experience. At Fàula Ristorante and Sori Cocktail Bar guests can enjoy the finest expression of regional cuisine along with wines from around the world and neighboring vineyards. Cooking classes, a wine academy, truffle hunting, and art tours are among the many immersive guest experiences available at the property debuting this Spring. 


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